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Ride 01/24/2013 Tucson, AZ

  • 88.4mi
  • 3,054ft
  • 4:29:00
    Moving Time


  1. Panda O.
    Panda OnaPony

    Holy due north road.

  2. Russell F.
    Russell Finsterwald

    Yeah! That road is so sick. Especially with a headwind in the rain. That's what gets me stoked on bike riding.

  3. Panda O.
    Panda OnaPony

    and it looks like a 20 mile false flat. So rad.

  4. Chloe W.
    Chloe Woodruff

    Wow, I'm pretty sure no one has ridden the entire length of Sandario before.

  5. Heather I.
    Heather Irmiger

    Sick bro - at lease you made it to "Manville"

  6. Panda O.
    Panda OnaPony

    Heather, he has a PO Box there.

  7. Russell F.
    Russell Finsterwald

    I was recently elected the mayor of manville

  8. Panda O.
    Panda OnaPony

    I thought you were the sexretary of tourism?


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