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Lunch Tempo+ ride01/29/2013

  • 16.0mi
  • 1,338ft
  • 55:16
    Moving Time
  • 796


  1. Mike M.
    Mike M

    Oh, man, Kom hunter is in town :)

  2. Alex N.
    Alex N.

    Missed it by this much.

  3. Man U.
    Man U.

    We were near your playground today. That flat ride is fun with company. I think it would be pretty boring alone

  4. Mike M.
    Mike M

    Shoot, I'll have to bribe you not to go after it. You in San Ramon next few days? Doing lunch rides?

  5. Alex N.
    Alex N.

    I need a couple of days rest. I've been over doing it and my legs are not happy with me. Next week I will be out and about in San Ramon.

  6. Mike M.
    Mike M

    Ok, let me know the day before and maybe we can do a lunch ride.


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