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Ride YKK loop

  • 91.6mi
  • 9,803ft
  • 5:59:35
    Moving Time
  • 4,398
  • 188
    Suffer Score


  1. Peter L.
    Peter Lucas - Shimano

    must have just missed you

  2. Mark W.
    Mark W.

    bummer deal would be fun to have a friend out there.

  3. Travler G.
    Travler Garvey


  4. John  H.
    John Hauer

    remember that brown sh*t we use to ride on back in the day? what was it called? oh yeah... DIRT!

  5. Mark W.
    Mark W.

    I'm working on the motor right now. Besides i have been riding the dirt too, you just cant see it because it's in the spirit world Chavez...

  6. Chris C.
    Chris Carter @

    Was gonna just give a kudos but it wouldn't do that ride justice. That is one serious ride with serious climbs! Bloody awesome!

  7. Mark W.
    Mark W.

    thanks. it was a real nice day out there. a bit windy but not cold. never done that loop before so had no idea how long. I would do it again its a fun one.

  8. Chris C.
    Chris Carter @

    Fun yeah I bet those downhills would be awesome, too. Cheers

  9. Sassy  I.
    Sassy I.

    nice loop.....

  10. Kieran P.
    Kieran Page

    brooap!! now that's a bike ride mister weir!!

  11. Mark W.
    Mark W.

    thanks guys...


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