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last 4x7/6/5 of build; 5x5(30-30)

  • 72.9mi
  • 5,990ft
  • 3:54:08
    Moving Time
  • 4,304


  1. Menso D.
    Menso de Jong

    holy shitballs I was flying today! Hit or exceeded all my 7-6-5 400/415/430w targets and only cramped a tiny bit on the Boulder Cyn spirit crusher at the end

  2. Menso D.
    Menso de Jong

    four weeks to the first big race, so 3 weeks of LT+ work coming up. 7-6-5 becomes 5-4-3 now

  3. J.L. D.
    J.L. de Jong

    Nice, whatever that means.

  4. Menso D.
    Menso de Jong

    Haha that was mostly for Colin and Ryan since they wanted to know my training plan

  5. Colin D.
    Colin D.

    i can get down with some LT+

  6. Ryan C.
    Ryan Chandler

    Nice work!! Thanks for the updates! I am gonna be getting into those in a few weeks. I'm sure they hurt!

  7. Leopold P.
    Leopold P.

    LOL, “shitballs”!