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Ride 01/31/2013 Novato, CA

  • 82.3mi
  • 5,712ft
  • 4:57:18
    Moving Time
  • 3,469
  • 121
    Suffer Score


  1. Jason M.
    Jason M.

    Nothing but respectable rides from you. My legs are quivering thinking about race season. Gonna be a good year.

  2. John  H.
    John Hauer

    for reals Jason! The motor seems to be working, but what spirit was guiding you today?

  3. Mark W.
    Mark W.

    I had performance enhancing sex. I admit it.

  4. E D.
    E D.

    Damn dude, you are on fire.

  5. John B.
    John Bono

    deer antler embro ...admit it

  6. Mark W.
    Mark W.

    That I got rammed by a deer?

  7. John B.
    John Bono

    deer antler velvet spray the banned muscle-booster favored by Super Bowl competitors - maybe better to employ the natural performance enhancer you referenced - it's inspiring to watch the miles you've been putting in

  8. Mark W.
    Mark W.

    now i know,thanks. I'll be going easy today. legs feel like they need some time off before the weekend beating.

  9. Bryan C.
    Bryan Culp

    Performance enhancing sex? What did Hotrod do to you?

  10. Kieran P.
    Kieran Page

    Rumour has it that you're looking to kick Peter Sagan off of the Cannondale road team with all this training mate...

  11. Rob G.
    Rob Gray

    You`re on fire Mark!

  12. Mark W.
    Mark W.

    Yep i figure since now that road racing is clean.....? I figure i got a shot as much as anyone, right? Thanks

  13. Kieran P.
    Kieran Page

    from what i've heard its enduro thats turning sour (positif at the Megavalanche Reunion) so a change in career could be a go-er. Craig is going enduro from cross so why not you!!?

  14. Kieran P.
    Kieran Page


  15. Mark W.
    Mark W.

    Its a sad day when guys are doping to win a trail ride. I hope they release that fuckers name, even if we all know who it is anyway. He needs to be in the spot light like wanted when he doped in the first place. Some of you french guys should smoke that guy out....

  16. Kieran P.
    Kieran Page

  17. Kieran P.
    Kieran Page

    not yet anyway ;-)

  18. Mark W.
    Mark W.

    you live in France, you speak french...You are French! ha

  19. Johnny O.
    Johnny O'Mara_Baghouse

    Solid month of training! Great job!


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