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Ride 02/02/2013 Novato, CA

  • 92.0mi
  • 9,847ft
  • 5:48:04
    Moving Time
  • 4,575
  • 211
    Suffer Score


  1. Jeff J.
    Jeff J.


  2. Jason H.
    Jason H.

    damn dude....10k climbing... ow

  3. G F.
    G F.

    Road bikes!!!!!

  4. E D.
    E D.


  5. Yody ..
    Yody .

    we just finished a 25 miler in fairfax, finished with solstice and saw you riding the other direction on your road bike, on the way back to town

  6. Mark W.
    Mark W.

    Great day out there. How was solstice? Yeah Glenn road bikes You should talk you are the biggest roady i know. With your knee in style. Silly man....

  7. Devils R.
    Devils Reject

    Holy hell just ride those legs off why don't you!!!!

  8. Rocky Mtn B.
    Rocky Mtn B.

    whens the first enduro for you boys?

  9. Mark W.
    Mark W.

    In a couple months we will, until then might race some road and xc. Trying to melt the back fat.

  10. Rocky Mtn B.
    Rocky Mtn B.

    lol, i know that feeling coming off having a flu virus for 3 weeks,


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