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Ride Feb 5, 2013 Stumpy is a rocket ship

  • 17.4mi
  • 2,284ft
  • 1:22:50
    Moving Time
  • 1,278


  1. Hightower R.
    Hightower rides

    Stop it

  2. Peter L.
    Peter Lucas - Shimano


  3. John  H.
    John Hauer

    haha true Peter, but I might as well make myself feel better about myself if I'm going to have to suffer anyways. =]

  4. Will C.
    Will C.

    Really great to have ridden with you today. Oh wait.

  5. John  H.
    John Hauer

    You didn't fit into my schedule Mr. Curtis

  6. Jason F.
    Jason Fass

    That poginip climb time is LEGIT! That's some pretty serious power.


  • Peter L.
  • Max H.
  • Danny M.
  • Ryan S.
  • Matty O.
  • Alex C.
  • Jon  P.