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Ride Hill Intervals

  • 40.3km
  • 1,120m
  • 1:35:52
    Moving Time
  • 1,264
  • 75
    Suffer Score


  1. Andy P.
    Andy P.

    Couldn't you get KOM on Interesting climb?! ;-)

  2. Matt P.
    Matt Page

    It's a stunning climb, I have no idea who named it but they are obviously blind! Plus its just a duplication.

  3. Andy P.
    Andy P.

    :D Some of the segment names are hilarious!

  4. Bryan G.
    Bryan G.

    I'm gonna have to get back up that neck of the woods soon on the roadie!!. Has to be one of the best areas to ride :-) A visit to the Devil's is long overdue!!


  • Andy P.
  • Bryan G.