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Ride Corrupt File, should be 151km/5hr10m

  • 71.5km
  • 1,526m
  • 2:35:38
    Moving Time
  • 1,777


  1. Thomas P.
    Thomas P.

    Rapid! Haha

  2. Tim M.
    Tim Morris

    Whatever. Looks like 2h35 cycling and the other 2h35 on the beach to me...

  3. Robert D.
    Robert D.

    I rode there week before last, great scenery on that coast road with the cat 3's!

  4. Wouter S.
    Wouter Sybrandy

    Sure Tim, could have left the file as it was with the finish off the coast of Ghana, if that would make it more believable? ;)

  5. Tim M.
    Tim Morris


  6. Robert D.
    Robert D.

    Hey, he's a bike rider not Freddie Flinthoff!


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