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Motor pacing with Emilia Fahlin! Girona, Catalonia, Spain

  • 122.3km
  • 892m
  • 3:56:17
    Moving Time
  • 3,085


  1. Chloe H.
    Chloe Hosking

    Thanks for my kudos! To all my @Strava followers, I'd love for you to help support my new team, Hitec Products. 'Like' us on Facebook: or 'follow' us on twitter @Hitec_Products! We'd love you're support as we try to boost the awareness of women's cycling and our 'big-little' team.

  2. Pedrenyal :.
    Pedrenyal :.

    Outstanding job on the social media team Hitec! Now we want a Youtube chanel! he he

    P.S.: Beware of the Mossos d'Esquadra, I think that motor pacing it's illegal in Catalonia.


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