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Dawn Patrol w/ Brian & the fog

  • 25.4mi
  • 2,815ft
  • 1:54:26
    Moving Time
  • 1,464
  • 85
    Suffer Score


  1. Andrio A.
    Andrio Abero

    Damnit, Steve, you set the bar WAY too high!

  2. Brian K.
    Brian K.

    Soo close to the KOM

  3. Andrio A.
    Andrio Abero

    I will try again on Tuesday, then Thursday, then Tuesday, etc.

  4. Steve F.
    Steve F.

    Andrio...this is getting very close...its inspiring me to try finish building my OPEN for an Open/Open showdown on Miwok! amazing pictures as well

  5. Giles G.
    Giles G.

    You guys are too fast. I think you should both give up your OPENs and start riding something classic from the mid 90's. I suspect though that you'd both sill be too fast.

  6. Andrio A.
    Andrio Abero


  7. Steve F.
    Steve F.

    its got no wheels! mainly due to the property tax man damn him! and also industry nine seem to be stalling on their new 'Torch' wheel set

  8. Giles G.
    Giles G.

    You don't need wheels...! I mean how else can you get a sub 10lb build? Just throw that thing over your shoulder and power up Miwok to the top.

  9. David B.
    David B.

    Damn that was fast. Nice work. Now you just have to go a weee bit faster. :)

  10. Andrio A.
    Andrio Abero

    Easier said than done. It's only February.