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Tokyo Bike Tour 品川区, 東京都, Japan

  • 36.3km
  • 286m
  • 2:52:06
    Moving Time
  • 642


  1. Mike 'Geekona Bike' K.
    mike 'GeekonaBike' kunnecke

    U R a patient man, I hope this was fun.

  2. Shane  T.
    Shane Thompson

    There is a slow ride like that they do down town here.. I have never done it, for I do not have that kind of patients.

  3. Eric  B.
    Eric Bostrom

    dink da da dink dink---

    dink dink daa

  4. Chandler D.
    Chandler Delinks


  5. Jeremiah B.
    jeremiah bishop

    Cool. I want to go! Enjoy.

  6. Giancarlo B.
    Giancarlo B.

    did you walk this ride?

  7. Robert J.
    Robert J.

    We do a ride on Miami Beach, FL USA similar to your Tokyo ride, only a tad bit faster. Maybe 10 mph average pace. We even have police escorts.


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