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Ride 02/21/2013 San Rafael, CA

  • 4.8mi
  • 2,312ft
  • 54:23
    Moving Time
  • 541
  • 33
    Suffer Score


  1. Kieran P.
    Kieran Page

    thats a lot of climbs in a day, are you turning into a mountain goat?? ;)

  2. Mark W.
    Mark W.

    almost 6g's today and the sam yesterday. I quit drinking beers during the week, like to go fast again. Its been so long. Hope you can come out some time and play.

  3. Travler G.
    Travler Garvey

    Is this road or dirt? Good elevation!

  4. J M.
    j Mac55

    Dirt. Steep dirt.

  5. Mark W.
    Mark W.

    Thats dirt my friend, i'm back...., and in love with the brown stuff. In a perfect world i could show some cups from the DH's. But you know...we live in Marin.

  6. J M.
    j Mac55

    Skyline was serving up sweet morsles of dark and light chocolate~ today!

  7. Kyle W.
    Kyle W.

    straight Aesop's fables climbing to the top world.

  8. Mark W.
    Mark W.

    Aesop is loving the brown....

  9. Kieran P.
    Kieran Page

    me too man. quitting beer is serious though, are you sure!! ;-)

  10. Anthony M.
    Anthony M.

    how many pushups can Aesop pull off these days?

  11. Tony G.
    Tony Greco

    mark I need help with my pump track. call me its been to long 707 237-1145

  12. Joe W.
    Joe Woods

    what bike are you hauling up queen stone?

  13. Mark W.
    Mark W.

    My Jekyll with a 180,single ring and big tires. Real fun going down.


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