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02/27/2013 Frameries, Walloon Region, Belgium

  • 174.9km
  • 1,426m
  • 4:42:35
    Moving Time


  1. Timmy B.
    Timmy Bracke

    Proficiat met je overwinning

  2. Kees B.
    Kees B.

    Gefeliciteerd met je winst!!!

  3. Beth D.
    Beth D.

    Ellen!!! Did you lap the field or what????
    And, I'm not angry, just a little disappointed that you never went another 100m to clock up 175km......174.9km only? haha ;-)

  4. Ellen V.
    Ellen van Dijk

    Thanks Timmy & Kees!
    @Beth: when I saw I didn't reach my max speed target of 108 km/h I was so dissapointed, there was no moral left for the last 100m..


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