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Paris-Nice stg 3: I rode the front all day. Apparently 100% battery doesn't mean that

  • 46.0km
  • 351m
  • 1:15:13
    Moving Time
  • 597


  1. Patrick C.
    Patrick C.

    I don't blame your battery for calling it a day early. Looked like a tough day in the saddle. Was that you giving up the wheel for Ivan?

  2. Dave M.
    Dave M.

    Well done Ted! You were the star of the show on the TV feed from 40K to go thru 30K to go.

  3. Dan C.
    dan chabanov

    It was really cool watching you slay it on the front all day today.

  4. Josh K.
    Josh K.

    Good job today on making everyone suffer!

  5. Deniz W.
    Deniz W.

    Yup, proof is in the pudding!

  6. Jim B.
    Jim Braam

    I saw that. You and Boonen showing France how it's done. Nice work!

  7. Rob N.
    Rob Nunes

    If its a Garmin Edge 500. Fully charge it, then leave it on all day and let it drain to zero (check your auto off setting so you don't have to baby sit it). Then recharge to 100%. Should be good for several months. Then repeat cycle.

  8. Peter N.
    Peter Nachand

    @Ted 18.2km left in stage, was that u transferring bottles to your mates? Eurosport replay showed a cannondale rider.

  9. "The Jester"  T.
    "The Jester" TKM

    im pretty sure you can just get as many new Garmin's as are required!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Rob N.
    Rob Nunes

    Right, you would figure Garmin would just parachute them in like they did in The Hunger Games.

  11. Riccardo G.
    Riccardo Garcia

    you da man!

  12. Steven L.
    Steven Limmer

    Thanks for keeping these up - it's good for us data geeks to see how hard you guys actually go!

  13. Harvey  K.
    Harvey Kramer

    looked bone chillin

  14. Anthony R.
    Anthony Roach

    Well done. Paul Sherwen was talking about your love of pumpkin while you were turning them over.


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