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03/25/2013 Boulder, CO

  • 83.5km
  • 783m
  • 2:53:13
    Moving Time
  • 2,240


  1. Nicolas P.
    Nicolas P.

    Craig, you are not going to De Panne?

  2. Craig L.
    Craig Lewis

    Nicolas - No De Panne, been suffering from a bug from Malaysia still.

  3. Josh K.
    Josh K.

    Sorry to hear about you being sick Craig. They seem to have some super bugs in that part of the world. I'd recommend you try Colloidal Silver. You take two teaspoons a day for no more than ten days and it'll kill any sickness your experiencing. I've used it quite a bit during my Army days when my immune system couldn't keep up. Hope this can help you out.


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