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Thaaaaar she blows! (...stage 3a, De Panne)

  • 113.9km
  • 237m
  • 2:43:56
    Moving Time
  • 4,108


  1. Brecht D.
    Brecht D.

    Miljaardedju, my KOM on the Esenweg!!

  2. Ishmael M.
    Ishmael Muscat

    I saw this race live on internet TV from here in China... I think it was you who punctured in the rear... Just as Magnus Backstedt mentioned, you and your team mechanic performed a perfect rear tyre change!

  3. Bruno F.
    bruno fartlek

    Who is that Ali G in the third place on the Esenweg?

  4. Ians O.
    Ians Outburst

    Lol, Brecht.

    Brecht is like, "Why did you dethrone me?"

    Your so fast Ted, Omgosh who needs a car.

  5. Brecht D.
    Brecht D.

    Ali G is Gijs Vanhoecke (Topsport Vlaanderen-Baloise), world champion madison with Kenny De Ketele in 2012...

  6. Bruno F.
    bruno fartlek

    Aha! Gijs likes playing the joker... Sorry Ted for hijacking the comment-thread of your ride. Anyway: thanks for sharing and all the best in "Vlaanderens Mooiste" (assuming you'll participate)!

  7. Josh K.
    Josh K.

    Keep it up Ted!! Love watching the races and seeing your data afterward!!

  8. Tom T.
    Tom Thayer

    nice KOM

  9. Matt M.
    Matt Miller

    maybe i'll be that fast someday???

  10. Ians O.
    Ians Outburst

    Matt... You have to choose, family or biking.


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