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Ride 03/28/2013 Carpinteria, CA Apparently this is 3 rides in one.....but today's was 2013meters of climbing!

  • 233.5km
  • 3,364m
  • 7:57:37
    Moving Time
  • 4,438


  1. B G.
    B G.

    ummm, this looks very hard. Nice job!

  2. Jake V.
    Jake Vargo

    Your killing it! 233 kms... Ummm rest day tomorrow

  3. Joanne K.
    Joanne K.

    It was 3 rides in one! So today was 125kms, and 2013m of elevation - still a long ride but def not 233! The 2 days before it were photoshoot days so about 1.5hrs one day and 2hr45 the next


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