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Boulder Creek to Big Basin, Favorite Ride this Year

  • 82.9mi
  • 7,368ft
  • 4:35:17
    Moving Time
  • 3,945


  1. ♥ X.
    ♥ X

    Nice! I just came through some of that on dirt Monday. Pretty sweet area.

  2. Jamie M.
    Jamie M.

    I will definitely be riding MTB to Santa Cruz via Big Basin as soon as it dries out. Forgot how beautiful it is back there.

  3. Bill L.
    Bill Lloyd

    That's a good loop. Big Basin is fine right now dirt-wise as it can take the rain. White Oak and everything along Skyline is a totally different story. Clay sucks. One raindrop and it's like baby poop for 3 months.

  4. Jaime N.
    Jaime N.

    I'm in! Just let me get the meth ordered...


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