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Ride Brechfa Skills Coaching

  • 17.0km
  • 645m
  • 1:35:50
    Moving Time
  • 765


  1. Ult G.
    Ult George

    Thought you disapperared away from my pretty quick on that last descent :)

  2. Richard M.
    Richard Manning

    Have you broken the news to Mr Billings yet? :)

  3. Matt P.
    Matt Page

    Uh oh... ;)

  4. Si R.
    Si R.

    ult, we didn't pedal hard enough ! :-( next time we'll try harder ;-)

  5. Ult G.
    Ult George

    More to do with me not having balls to avoid comfort braking most of way down. Went from kom to 5th in one afternoon!

  6. Matt P.
    Matt Page

    I think I can partly put it down to trying to catch you Si! ;)

  7. Si R.
    Si R.

    Haha... i wish :-) was a real good day. Thx again Matt.

  8. Chris W.
    Chris W

    Thanks from me as well - much appreciated.


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