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Sunny Diablo!

  • 90.6mi
  • 7,982ft
  • 6:13:10
    Moving Time
  • 3,057
  • 244
    Suffer Score


  1. A B.
    A B.


  2. A B.
    A B.

    U r qom in my book since qom got it on a 10 mile race not 40 miles in to a 90 mile ride. And I bet she didn't take any phone calls mid climb (or dismount to catch some garbage she dropped!)

  3. I.P. A.
    I.P. A.

    with an "extreme" suffer score, and over an hour in zone 4, i'd say you got plenty of workout!

  4. Kristen V.
    Kristen V.

    Thanks, you two are sweet. Now we have a baseline to beat next time;-) Amy, you missed my favorite part- climbing up to Sibley and riding dirt thru the park was great!


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