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Ride Athens tomorrow

  • 24.0mi
  • 1,178ft
  • 1:17:58
    Moving Time
  • 761


  1. Adam G.
    Adam Gaubert

    twilight highlight

  2. Jen P.
    Jen Purcell

    Time to pull my socks up, yeah? ;)

  3. Adam G.
    Adam Gaubert

    time to knock their socks off :-)

  4. Jen P.
    Jen Purcell

    That too! Haha I've been watching consecutive episodes of Peep Show for weeks on end and am looking for any chance to spout off all the new phrases I'm learning.

  5. Adam G.
    Adam Gaubert

    Haven't seen that show but remember my headmaster yelling at me to (metaphorically) pull my socks up, so I pulled them up and he got madder haha

  6. Jen P.
    Jen Purcell

    So I was accurate in my translation. Brilliant! Hahaha it's on free Hulu from season 1. Helping me get through all the downtime on the road.


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