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Dirtdog Extravaganza

  • 55.0mi
  • 4,804ft
  • 3:26:09
    Moving Time
  • 2,371
  • 126
    Suffer Score


  1. Russell F.
    Russell Fulmer

    Sometimes it's nice to do a ride where I'm not oxygen deprived the whole ride. Great bunch of folks and we were actually able to carry on a conversation since we all weren't slobbering and gasping for air ;-)

  2. Kevin V.
    Kevin Vest

    Wheres the fun in that?

  3. Ronnie A.
    Ronnie Ashley

    The older you get, the more fun it is to breathe. Haha

  4. Kevin V.
    Kevin Vest

    Air is overrated

  5. Russell F.
    Russell Fulmer

    Air yes, need all I can get. Especially when riding with Kevin.

  6. Ronnie A.
    Ronnie Ashley

    I second that.


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