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05/26/2013 Portola Valley, CA

  • 33.2mi
  • 3,341ft
  • 2:14:13
    Moving Time
  • 1,234


  1. Rob  C.
    Rob Cullen

    Great job on PM!

  2. Peter V.
    Peter V.

    i'm speechless

  3. Martina L.
    Martina L.

    i know.. that 1 second must hurt. that's what happens when you leave your territory unattended.

  4. David G.
    David Goldenberg

    I'm so happy for you. that time shreds

  5. Kate B.
    Kate B.

    Nice going!

  6. Peter V.
    Peter V.

    i'm going to have to re-mark my territory :-P

  7. Peter V.
    Peter V.

    David, since you've relinquished coaching of Martina to me, look at the results!

  8. Michael L.
    Michael L.

    Martina killin' it.

  9. Haam Baak S.
    Haam Baak S.

    Congrats superstar =)

  10. David G.
    David Goldenberg

    It's the other way around. She coaches me.


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