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perfect headlands with Giles

  • 25.6mi
  • 3,160ft
  • 2:13:30
    Moving Time
  • 1,533


  1. James E.
    James E.

    Cool Bike!

  2. Steve F.
    Steve F.

    Thanks is unbelievable

  3. Bingo ..
    Bingo ..

    Picture 7/8 is the best, Dog chilling =)

  4. Bingo ..
    Bingo ..

    Oh and nice climbing too... close!

  5. Steve F.
    Steve F.

    Thanks Bingo! inspired by your effort this morning. Amazing effort. I'll have this KOM back soon enough

  6. Jason L.
    Jason L.

    Stud!!!! I'm gonna give this KOM a go one of these days now that I've experience the MTB bug :)

  7. Jason L.
    Jason L.

    I don't mean to imply "taking" the KOM...just going for it :)

  8. Jason L.
    Jason L.

    btw - you need to carry some water - a little weight at least :) Great pics! How much does that beast weigh any who?

  9. Steve F.
    Steve F. have a mountain bike? Lets go ride Marin sometime. Water weighs too much! strangely I always prefer carrying a bottle in my jersey pocket. The Open weighs just under 18 pounds

  10. Jason L.
    Jason L.

    Yeah yeah! I'd love too! Love the o'l school approach to carrying water :-)