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Ride Gib boom 04/03/2012 Goleta, CA

  • 81.7km
  • 1,717m
  • 3:01:09
    Moving Time
  • 2,631
  • 137
    Suffer Score


  1. Michael O.
    Michael O'Neil

    That looks like a pretty uncomfortable 30 minutes in the middle of your ride: HR between 197-207. Ouch!

  2. Ben F.
    Ben FR

    That heart rate data can't be right, or can it?

  3. Michael O.
    Michael O'Neil

    I think it's right....382 watts for 31 minutes will do that to your heart rate!

    remember he is a professional!

  4. Jesse A.
    Jesse Anthony

    Michael, I can confirm that those 30 minutes were significantly uncomfortable. Ben, I'm not sure if that HR is 100% accurate, but that's what it recorded. Judging from my other rides, it's not uncommon.

  5. Michael O.
    Michael O'Neil

    These CA climbs are a bit longer than we are use to back in NH & MA huh? Nice.

    Also: congrats on the TV spot...looks great!

  6. Dave L.
    Dave Lettieri_ FasTrack Bikes

    31 Min that climp is flying. Nice!

  7. Matt L.
    Matt Lovett

    Damn - nice ride!

    I have to agree with Ben, that HR data is amazing. I get my HR up to 185 for 2 minutes and feel like I'm going to die. From what I've seen, Jesse is on the extreme high end for max HR, even for a pro. For example, SRM just released Simon Gerrans' data from Milan San Remo, and he doesn't even hit 185. Genetics play a huge role, so please don't die trying to hit 207BPM at home!

  8. Matt H.
    Matt Hawkesworth

    Those stats on Gibraltar are unreal!

  9. Ben B.
    Ben Bostrom I am Special...ized

    Hot doggie!!!!! That's legit brother!!!!!! Kenny, what happened back there?

  10. The  B.
    The Baumer

    Damn JA, you shot Kenny Powers out the back on a couple of those KOM's!! Solid!

  11. Ben B.
    Ben Bostrom I am Special...ized

    Wish I were healthy to rip the canyons with the this week. EB is riding well. Gotta check out your area when I return in may. Jack is frothing to meet Gib. Can't wait to watch you slay this year!!!!


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