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07/07/2013 Austin, TX

  • 121.2km
  • 1,596m
  • 4:07:31
    Moving Time
  • 3,201


  1. Landry B.
    Landry Bobo

    Dude, you ride sooo early

  2. Kelly H.
    Kelly H.

    Good seeing you out on the road and talking with you today. I'll catch you in Colorado. Keep working on those new tan lines. The rolled-up sleeves is a good look. Ha!

  3. Lawson C.
    Lawson Craddock

    It's the only way to ride in Texas! I don't want to be caught out in 100 degree weather haha.

    Great seeing you, too, Kelly. Tell Alexis congrats for me!

  4. Landry B.
    Landry Bobo

    Oh come on man you can handle it, just dump ice all over yourself like at AToC! Haha


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