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The big one, 2013 - glad for perfect weather and fantastic support

  • 234.3mi
  • 16,650ft
  • 13:17:13
    Moving Time
  • 9,168


  1. Steven H.
    Steven Hoover

    Looks like an awesome ride Zack.

  2. Lenny E.
    Lenny Engelhardt

    Amazing that is one hell of ride, was it a solo effort or were others along for all or part of it?

  3. Brieuc C.
    Brieuc Crétoux

    Wow ! IMPRESSIVE !
    It's so cool !
    "BRAVO" !

  4. Mavic Z.
    Mavic Z.

    Thanks! it was solo effort but with a support car. we should have a video in the next 4 weeks!

  5. Luke M.
    Luke Miller


  6. Yang S.
    Yang Shen

    It looks absolutely cool Zack

  7. Mike E.
    Mike Eatough

    24 Solo, let's go, seriously that was a hardcore ride.

  8. Omar M.
    Omar Meer

    Amazing ride!!!

    Is there any way you would send me the Garmin route file for this ride?


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