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KOM Hunting

  • 19.9mi
  • 2,352ft
  • 1:24:20
    Moving Time
  • 794
  • 42
    Suffer Score


  1. John Middleton   Cvc Race Team -.
    John Middleton - CVC Race Team -

    I would say you were successful.

  2. Buz F.
    Buz F.

    Holy crap! Nice work!

  3. Brian P.
    Brian P.

    really have to venture out more...

  4. Ralph Z.
    Ralph Z.

    Wow!!! Very impressive Scott!

  5. Tina D.
    Tina Dreiske

    Yea!! There are fun stingers there!

  6. Scott W.
    Scott W.

    Thanks guys!

  7. Greg C.
    Greg C.

    awesome- looks like youve discovered a new pastime- KOM hunting! you know that as soon as the people you stole these from get a chance- they will go after you to take them back!

  8. Scott W.
    Scott W.

    @ Brian- I "venture" out quite often (like yesterday) but with all the beach traffic heading home on a Sunday evening it is much easier, safer and more enjoyable to ride local. Sorry that my rides were too boring for you.

  9. Brian P.
    Brian P.

    Not boring at all Scott. Looks like something crazy that I would try. Great ride. Like doing intervals with a prize at the end. Keep it up man. U ever hit the dirt up there. Some good fire roads and trails to explore too...

  10. Matt "Darth Noodle" P.
    Matt "Darth Noodle" P.

    Looks like a very successful hunt.

  11. Doug S.
    Doug Stoutenborough

    Great job!

  12. Tammy L.
    Tammy Lamb - team SPY-GIANT-RIDE

    I see you found a few!!


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  • John Middleton   Cvc Race Team -.
  • Brad T.
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  • Greg C.
  • X Xx | Joseph K.
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  • Josh M.
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