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Run I finally got to meet Joshua Run! with Kristin & Georgia!! xox

  • 12.6mi
  • 1:43:22
    Moving Time
  • 8:14/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,445


  1. Georgia Y.
    Georgia Y.

    So great to run with you!!!

  2. Mary C.
    mary churchill

    Likewise Georgia! Thanks for listening to my monologue! ;-) love your neighborhood & j is the cutest!!!

  3. Kristin B.
    Kristin Burrell

    Great running with you two :) And you bagged a CR!!

  4. Mary C.
    mary churchill

    Ha ha! I think that was strava-fied!!!

  5. Madeline K.
    Madeline K.

    woo nice! now come back and run that w me soon too :):)

  6. Mary C.
    mary churchill

    Yes for sure Maddy!! How close were we to your place?

  7. Madeline K.
    Madeline K.

    You were 1.25 from my place when you went thru Arguello into the presidio!!


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