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14/09/2013 The Basin, VIC, Australia Ive always been mad I know ive been mad Like most of us , Very hard to explain why your mad even if your not mad ! An Everest in a day on the 1in 20 inspired by George Mallorys Evverest in a day on Donna Buang !

  • 430.4km
  • 9,110m
  • 19:57:07
    Moving Time
  • 11,396
  • 397
    Suffer Score


  1. Deborah D.
    Deborah d'Avigdor

    Jeez , look at that average HR! Ridiculous, EXTRAordinary

  2. Eat M.
    Eat M.

    Amazing even for a JVS. Nice to see you and me sitting 1 & 2 for Australian in the Vuelta Skelta

  3. George M.
    George Mallory

    Extremely well done John! Striving to achieve is not really mad. Kind of you to acknowledge me mate!

  4. "The Jester"  T.
    "The Jester" T.

    Battery charger for the Garmin?

  5. Alex M.
    Alex McCallum

    No words can do that justice! ......

  6. Michael M.
    Michael Moore

    . . . Incredible!!!

  7. Isaac D.
    isaac dowell

    Wow. Just wow.

  8. Michael V.
    Michael Van Bergen

    ^ what they said.. amazing!

  9. Matt M.
    Matt McLennan

    My head hurts! Fantastic JVS! Makes 24x look like a Sunday afternoon stroll!

  10. Steve S.
    Steve Smith

    Awsome work JVS

  11. John V.
    John Van Seters

    EML Yes and I had no idea what you had done or were doing before I went on the ride ! TKM Ran an external battery ! Cheers all !

  12. Andrew N.
    Andrew North☝

    You made it! Well done

  13. Rob M.
    Rob Milohanic

    Magnificent. :)

  14. Roger H.
    Roger H.

    what? only 2 x achievements for the day? that is not right!

  15. Naomi C.
    Naomi C.

    What an amazing ride... :-)

  16. Jon T.
    Jon T.

    Nuts. Well done.

  17. Chris D.
    Chris Dunn

    What they all said plus some...and then some more, incredible

  18. Mr. T.
    Mr. T.

    Insane and Awesome!!

  19. Sammi T.
    Sammi Tsegay

    The injustice is in only 2 Achievements... Super human effort mate!

  20. Paddy M.
    Paddy M.

    mmmmmagnificently mmmmmental. Big Like. Super inspirational. I will ride 16 x Mt Macedons one day and I will call it the JVS made me epic!! I dips me hat, well done.

  21. Steve R.
    Steve Ross

    Some would whinge about driving half that distance in a car! The fact that the ride was fifty percent climbing makes it even more amazing....Unreal.

  22. Wayne D.
    Wayne D


  23. (Yvc) Ash S.
    (YVC) Ash Swann

    Thats amazing...

  24. Geo G (.
    Geo G (_)

    Holy Schmoly. UFB. That is an amazing ride.

  25. Rk ..
    RK .

    you sick man!! I love it!!

  26. Marco L.
    Marco Luthe |

    I don't know what to say... that's insanely awesome! ;-)

  27. Nick D.
    Nick dos Remedios

    Similar effort last year:

  28. James S.
    James Steward

    You are a nutcase, John, in the nicest possible way ;-) Hope your record stands for a very long time.
    Did anyone else get the Pink Floyd lyrics?

  29. John V.
    John Van Seters

    Thanks James appreciate your comment ! Even if it doesn't I can always claim to be the first to climb Everest on the 1 in 20 ! No not one !

  30. Jean Philippe L.
    Jean-Philippe Leclercq

    Impressive, very impressive. Must take a good week to recover from this crazy ride.


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