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Run Kludahk and Some.

  • 49.4km
  • 2,959m
  • 7:24:27
    Moving Time
  • 9:00/km
    Avg Pace
  • 5,685


  1. Jean V.
    Jean Valjean

    Nice! You found it!

  2. Jean V.
    Jean Valjean

    And 16 KOMS!?! Damn!

  3. Evan G.
    Evan Guthrie

    Crazy man..

  4. Dave H.
    Dave H.

    ...what in the f?

  5. Cyrus K.
    Cyrus Kangarloo

    FOMO confirmed.

  6. Jamie S.
    Jamie Sparling


  7. Jean V.
    Jean Valjean

    What's that mean? The only one I know is yolo.

  8. Jamie S.
    Jamie Sparling

    Fuck Fear of Missing out. Fuck Bitches Go Outside.

  9. Cyrus K.
    Cyrus Kangarloo

    You aren't supposed to spell them out; FBGO should simply be learned by experience.

  10. Dave H.
    Dave H.

    time to up your game Sparls...nonstop Port Hardy to Vic off-road.


  • Jean V.
  • Brennan T.
  • Justin B.