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Sunday SoMo

  • 35.7mi
  • 1,787ft
  • 1:44:38
    Moving Time
  • 1,588


  1. John V.
    John V.

    go faster

  2. Donald B.
    Donald Braun

    Back slap, nice job! See ya Tuesday!

  3. Steve M.
    Steve Markgraf

    Looks like you were taking it easy today. You didn't get all the QOMs. :D. Great work!!!

  4. B A.
    B A.

    Nice work Sally, tons of QOM's, as usual! Since Scott isn't on Strava for a did the Orange Missile do on its first ascent of SoMo?

  5. Jt A.
    Jt A.

    @Brian...Scott's bike flew up the mountain...a PR for him for sure! He will tell you all about it!

  6. John V.
    John V.

    @brian - he made me work. I hate working.


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