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Ride Borrowdale Bash Billy Big Knee Stylee

  • 19.4mi
  • 3,122ft
  • 3:15:47
    Moving Time
  • 1,547


  1. Lloyd B.
    Lloyd Bateman

    Well cool video,nearly fell of my chair laughing at the crossword surprize !!!

  2. Sean 'Snapper' O.
    Sean 'Snapper' Owens

    Glad you liked it, hard work. A Punky Bird tells me you've been to A+E. I'll have to teach you how to fall off gracefully.

  3. Lloyd B.
    Lloyd Bateman

    Yes it was brilliant !!! I bet you wouldnt have known I had a sore knee if I hadnt mentioned it at the foot of EVERY climb lol ha ha haha!!!!!!

  4. Peter L.
    Peter L.

    I am Fallicus ... phone in and book your lessons ..or it could be I'm a big Jesse and won't do any scary stuff.

  5. Lloyd B.
    Lloyd Bateman

    I believe you ARE fallicus cause Sean told me you can even fall when your stood still !!!!!! lol ( and you can even roll your balls ) !!!

  6. Peter L.
    Peter L.

    It's true .. I am Fallicuss Ballroller..