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portola valley - lkhc -> garmin messed up?

  • 6.9mi
  • 3,348ft
  • 43:47
    Moving Time
  • 363
  • 34
    Suffer Score


  1. Andy C.
    Andy Crews

    Wow! So many cups!
    The elevation looks funny. Try clicking the "fix elevation" link under the "3432 feet"

  2. Marty H.
    Marty Hyland

    Yeah, congrats on your medals and thanks for dragging me up all those hills.

  3. Kristofer M.
    Kristofer McQueen

    On hillbrook how did you go 0.0 miles for 2+ minutes at 53 mph? I'm not the best mathematician in the world, but that doesn't add up!

  4. Marty H.
    Marty Hyland

    You have to use Courier Transforms (a Fourier Transforms derivative) to do the math.


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