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11/03/2013 Austin, TX

  • 42.5km
  • 449m
  • 1:35:43
    Moving Time


  1. Paul F.
    Paul Fulbrook

    Nice picture! Is that one from Redditch as you swerved to get past the camera motorcycle on the run down to the sprint at the end of the first lap?

  2. Paul F.
    Paul Fulbrook

    Sorry - could not edit it! Should read 'on the run down to take the sprint at the end of the first lap?' ;-)

  3. Suzanne G.
    Suzanne Gough

    Seeing your ride made me jealous of you cycling in Austin!

  4. Ben J.
    Ben Jones. RCteam

    Will you be competing in Lincoln UK May 2014 ?

  5. Kristian H.
    Kristian House

    Paul - Im not sure to be honest... could have been!

    Haha Sue... good to be back!

    Ben, hopefully.. though not worked out the full program for 2014 yet...


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