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11/23/2013 Half Moon Bay, CA

  • 8.1mi
  • 1,722ft
  • 1:00:41
    Moving Time
  • 517


  1. Brandon S.
    Brandon Smith

    Hell yeah Bill! Thanks for showing me the ropes today, had a lot of fun.

  2. David C.
    David Collet

    Great job Bill!

  3. Ramon P.
    Ramon P.

    Good went so fast that it didn't even register that we rode together... :-(

  4. Ray S.
    Ray Smith

    Amazing results again today! Great effort on that suffer fest.

  5. John K.
    John K.

    The Laddinator strikes again

  6. Kevin  M.
    Kevin M.

    You uphill maniac!

  7. Carl N.
    Carl N.

    Nice work, Bill. Good luck at Hamy!


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