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Joao Correia

Joao Correia

Mill Valley, CA
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Former pro cyclist, lover of food, wine & good writing. Living in San Francisco while playing in the social media sandbox. Life's an adventure, dare to live it.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 300
  • 600
  • 900
  • 1200
  • 1500
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 134.0km
  • 5h 52m
  • 2,705m

Recent Achievements

  • PR on linaiolo
  • 2nd fastest time on Decent from Junction to Agriturismo
  • 2nd fastest time on Quattro Castella
  • 3rd fastest time on da Renaccio a incrocio Cassia


Distance 4,204.1km
Time 168h 33m
Elevation Gain 71,460m
Rides 75


Total Distance 16,177.3km
Total Time 632h 55m
Total Elev Gain 275,086m
Total Rides 257

Recent Photos

  • What its early. Were off at eroica
  • Trying out the new @stravacycling segments on the @garmin. I think I got this @iamtedking check your inbox.
  • Nice day for a boat ride.
  • Special appearance today @ingambatours #ingambatours #ingamba
  • Feed Zone. Time for coffee #ingambatours #ingamba
  • Ride with the godfather today. A good day.
  • Hey @thorhushovd where are you?
  • He raised his right arm but the car did not come up. Oh well we must change it ourselves. #erospoli
  • Might as well make our laundry bags fun.  Thanks to @mrjoestaples for always putting great words together.
  • Today's ride.  166Km of awesomeness.
  • Beautiful day for a ride.
  • Happy holidays to all of you out there from the Correia's in Northern California.
  • Morning
  • If it's Sunday it's up mt. Tam with roger day.
  • Happy 10 year anniversary to @tiiucm from the place where it all started on October 10, 2004. Thanks for putting up with me.
  • Too much work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy #bikes
  • Not a bad day for a bike ride.  No filter needed. To our riders finishing the Dauphine good job. To the ones starting Suisse. Good luck, have fun, stay safe.
  • Lunch. Lecchi in Chianti with @ingambatours
  • Contemplating a big future right now.
  • Another awesome day for bikes.
  • Oh china. Me love you long time.
  • My ride for the day courtesy of @bicyclehaus in Scottsdale. Thanks guys for taking such good care of me.
  • Bikes #marin #notLisbon
  • Bikes #marin
  • Morning ride with Roger. Old school with the newspaper for the descent.
  • Rocking the @theathletic PDX socks today thanks to @mrjoestaples. Matches my @abovecategory kit perfectly. Thanks Joe.
  • Jorge adjusting @heidiswift gears before our ride today
  • Boys started arriving and are ready to roll. @ingambatours spring chianti tour
  • Raul putting the bottles on the bikes before our ride today.  3:30 hours waiting. Gotta earn that lunch.
  • @tiburonblues ready for day two. Looking stylish as always in his AC kit.
  • @marceire looking at Pinarello_com online. I think we have a convert.
  • The service course is coming along nicely #ingambastyle
  • Not a bad lineup here. Looking forward to some strade bianche today.
  • I wouldn't mind doing the strade bianche today on this bad boy #74
  • @bikebeth and RaulStrong at the top of Volpaia.
  • The start of an epic ride. @strava later.
  • Good day
  • Doing the bill with Paolo. Not my favorite time!
  • Oh young love. @jeredgruber and @a_gruber walking the town.
  • The ledger.
  • Coffee shop ride.
  • Raul finally figures out a solution for slowing down @a_gruber.
  • This is why we ride. Coffee Stop.
  • The inGamba way!
  • How we roll at inGamba.
  • Good show this morning for the @xaviertondo memorial ride in mill valley.
  • Tam west peak #xaviRide
  • My kind of mid ride food
  • #California
  • First question for Liam at the doctor "are my getting any shots"?
  • Pretty sweet to see the @inGambaTours Van for the first time.
  • Just about the only time I can ride with @tiburonblues. Afternoon after he smashes @strava KOM's
  • Killer day in Palo Alto with a few friends and @ingambatours.
  • I think Samuele needs a new polo. Flying @nygaardbn and @kensommer old colors.
  • raulSTRONG looking all lean and mean in his new Giordanna  kit.
  • Picking out a bottle for tomorrow night. 78 Ceretto - Vigna Grignore.  #barolo
  • Boom and we are riding again in chianti @inGambaTours
  • We love this man. #raulSTRONG
  • Raul being Raul even at 7:30 he's clowning around.
  • The princess has arrived.
  • The start of the gourmet Fondo.
  • The gang on the granfondo
  • Back at Paolo's for lunch. Nice salad, rose and some bruschetta. What else do I need?
  • Yes pecorino, miele and my book. That's what was missing.
  • Palmira's apricot jam. From Paolo's hands to my tummy. Yummy Yummy.
  • @luispasamontes that's what I call a working lunch. #vamos
  • Happy Birthday Liam. I love and miss you. Enjoy the leggo's today.
  • Morning August 5.
  • Lunch stop Siena
  • With Lorenza. Love Lorenza. Love AMA.
  • Few things are better for the soul than AMA.
  • La vita nel chianti.
  • mornin
  • I love autumn in chianti. The air is chilly in the morning, the smell of the harvest in the air and the light perfect.
  • Lecchi in Chianti home of @inGambaTours
  • l'Eroica
  • My l'Eroica bike is ready
  • Lunch time.
  • Here is Maza w Delta brakes that we found this weekend. #lucky #nofilter #l'Eroica
  • Time to start this Sunday off right.
  • The obligatory feeding and beer after a ride.
  • What your training rides don't end with a piano session.  Mr. Marcus on piano.
  • Since all the mill valley birds decided to take a massive crap all over my car need to get a proper wash #dontparkundertrees
  • Well just ruined that ride. Back to positive.
  • Good day on the strade bianche today.
  • Raul is Raul. Former national champion has earned the right for the stripes. #raulstrong
  • Michael nailing the downhill after Panzano. #ingamba
  • Lecchi
  • Coffee shop ride. #nice
  • Timmy Dugan getting ready for a coffee shop ride. Nice and easy today here at inGamba.
  • A helping hand inGamba style. Luis pushing Raul, pushing Michael #teamwork
  • Andy doing his best Peter Sagan impersonation on today's ride #ingamba
  • My great staff. You guys sit there don't worry I got it.
  • Lorenza @castellodiama #ingamba
  • Reconnecting with our friends at Ferragamo
  • On the road to radi. #ingamba
  • First coffee stop on today's ride #ingamba
  • Luis. Is Luis. Amazing mechanic.
  • Boom and all of a sudden 10 Ferraris go by.
  • Second coffee shop stop of the day.  @jeredgruber @ashleygruber joined at the hip as usual.
  • Great ride today along the Pacific Coast Highway with Gary inGamba's first client ever. Rocking the Dogma2 with electronic campy.
  • One day you send out a tweet about a week of eating, drinking and riding bikes in Chianti. And then one day your waking up in the @nytimes Sunday paper.  #inGamba
  • We are all ready to roll this morning out of Obidos. Not every day you sleep in a tower and get to play lord of the manor #ingamba
  • Coffee stop in Alcobaca
  • InGamba Team bus this morning on the way to stage three of the Portugal Randonnee. Today we hit the mountains and finish at 1,500 meters at Penhas Douradas #ingamba
  • 150 Year old machines at the Burel factory in manteigas #ingamba
  • RaulSTRONG doing his thing after today's stage four to Quinta da Pacheca after 165Km in the Portugal Randonnee #ingamba
  • Not a bad place for a morning bike ride. Hey @heidiswift my horizon ok?
  • Hey @iamtedking  see the sharp steep thing. That's where I was. Now in Calistoga heading to st. Helena. Where's lunch?  I'm hungry.