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Andy Benkert

Andy Benkert

Ben Lomond, California
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Andy Benkert is a runner from Ben Lomond, California. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 50
  • 100
  • 150
  • 200
  • 250
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 20.5mi
  • 2h 55m
  • 2,425ft

Recent Achievements

  • 2nd best estimated 10 mile effort
  • 2nd best estimated 15k effort
  • 3rd overall on Felton Empire Road Climb
  • PR on Take It Up the A Train


Distance 1,105.1mi
Time 170h 51m
Elevation Gain 128,711ft
Runs 120


Total Distance 5,062.1mi
Total Time 810h 54m
Total Elev Gain 567,379ft
Total Runs 584

Recent Photos

  • Benny's first run! We did an easy, flat 6.5 miles and he did really well. I have a feeling this is the beginning of a great running partnership. ???? #bordercollie #runningdog
  • 7 miles in on my Skyline-to-the-Sea round trip. 50 miles in 10:15. Not a bad day's work. :-)
  • NorCal's power running couple - John & Amy Burton, after Way Too Cool 50K. #wtc50k #quicksilverrc #trailrunning #ultrarunning
  • Post WTC 50K selfie - lookin a little haggard. ;-) #wtc50k #trailrunning #ultrarunning
  • My Way Too Cool 50K time and medal. Great day for a run with 800 or so friends! #wtc50k #trailrunning #ultrarunning
  • Lining up for the start of Way Too Cool 50K. Have fun everyone! #wtc50k #trailrunning #ultrarunning
  • Los Gatos Overgrown Fatass 50K results, and my finishing blood glucose number. #trailrunning #t1d #diabetes
  • Me & Mt. Umunhum - Los Gatos Overgrown Fatass 50K. #trailrunning #quicksilverrc #mtumunhum
  • Nice views during the Los Gatos Overgrown Fatass 50K. Who would have figured we'd be doing heat training in February?!? #trailrunning #quicksilverrc
  • Wet forest, a little mist hanging in the air, late afternoon sunlight filtering through the redwoods, and some sweet singletrack trail - I love times like these! #trailrunning #redwoods #nisenemarks #aptos #lifeisgood
  • "The Epicenter" run is like an old friend for me - comfortable, enjoyable, and always there. #trailrunning #nisenemarks #aptos #lomaprieta #earthquake
  • Rainy redwood runs = good times! #trailrunning #felton #santacruz #redwoods #endthedrought
  • Me & Clare at the start of the Big Basin Fat Ass 30. #trailrunning #bigbasin #quicksilverrc
  • Keith & Clare at the start of the Big Basin Fat Ass 30. #trailrunning #bigbasin #quicksilverrc
  • Clare & Keith workin their way up the Berry Creek Falls trail during the Big Basin Fat Ass 30 (which turned out to be a touch shorter - my Garmin gave it 27 so probably between 28-29). Great day on the trails! #trailrunning #bigbasin #strava
  • Chasin the sun at Wilder Ranch. #trailrunning #wilderranch #santacruz
  • Another West Ridge trail shot. Great single track runnin! #trailrunning #nisenemarks #santacruz #strava
  • Out for a run on the West Ridge trail (at the power lines) in Nisene Marks State Park. And a rare cloudy day for us here in Northern California. Unfortunately, these clouds have brought no rain so far. :-( #trailrunning #nisenemarks #strava #santacruz
  • Great day at Quad Dipsea! Fabulous weather, saw some friends I hadn't seen for awhile, and came in under 6 hours - could not have wished for better! Now to find some food. :-)
  • After a three mile run with Butters - his third and longest run! He's doing great and I'm hopeful he'll turn out to be a good running partner. :-)
  • Lookin up Big Ben's trunk, one of the few remaining old growth #redwoods in the Fall Creek area. #fallcreek #henrycowellstatepark
  • Hangin with Big Ben about midway through a fun Fall Creek run (Henry Cowell Redwood State Park). #trailrunning #redwoods #HenryCowellStatePark #FallCreek
  • Spiders, skulls & skinny pumpkin dude = Halloween. The best holiday of em all!!! #halloween #snakes #pumpkins
  • "Boo!" Says the not so scary ghost. #halloween #ghost #boo
  • Another scary skeleton. #halloween #skeleton
  • Pumpkin light Halloween decorations. #halloween #pumpkins
  • Scary skeleton dude. #halloween #skeleton
  • Another Halloween skull. #halloween #skull
  • More #halloween decorations.
  • Who doesn't like snakes & skulls on Halloween??? #halloween #skull #snakes
  • Decorations have started going up for my all time fav holiday. #Halloween
  • Jim McGill, Mark Tanaka and I before the start of the Headlands 100/50 mile races. They are doing the 100, and I just had to drop from the 50 due to injury. :-(
  • John Burton ready to rock it at the Headlands 50 mile race!
  • With the Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop. This was taken right before I fell hard, which resulted in a deep gouge to my left palm, and tweaking my right calf, the primary reason I ended up dropping from the 50 mile race at the halfway point. The fall happened at mile 15.
  • Tioga Pass Run finish line.
  • On the road during the Tioga Pass Run.
  • About to cross the finish line at the Tioga Pass Run. Time = 2:07.
  • Lining up at the start of the Tioga Pass Run.
  • Selfie at the starting line of the Tioga Pass run.
  • Gorgeous day, and view from Sand Point in the Forest of Nisene Marks State Park. #trailrunning #forestofnisenemarks #montereybay
  • Michael Jimenez on a trail run with me at Toro County Park with the Monterey Peninsula in the background. #trailrunning #torocountypark #strava
  • I love running in the redwood forest. #skylinetothesea #trailrunning #santacruzmtns #bigbasinstatepark #castlerockstatepark #strava #redwoods
  • Beautiful morning for a run on the Skyline to the Sea trail! #santacruzmtns #bigbasinstatepark #castlerockstatepark #trailrunning
  • Murphy the Murphinator catchin his breath after 10 on the trails in the Santa Cruz Mountains. #santacruzmountains #trailrunning #runwithyourdog
  • Just missed sub-5 hr. @ Way Too Cool 50K but really happy with my run. Fabulous day for a trail run with 1,000 friends! :-) #wtc50k #trailrun
  • Ining up for the start of Way Too Cool 50K! Woohoo!!!
  • Lunch time!
  • Doesn't feel like mid-February in Santa Cruz today! Gotta love no shirt weather. :-)
  • E. Cliff in Santa Cruz. Gorgeous afternoon on the central CA coast.
  • Caught a toe and skinned my knee. And hand. And shoulder. That's #trailrunning for ya - give a little, get a little! :-)