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John Clarke

John Clarke

Orpington, England, United Kingdom
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 #ultramarathontraining #ndw50

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 40
  • 80
  • 120
  • 160
  • 200
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 4.5mi
  • 0h 45m
  • 147ft

All-Time PRs

  • 19:51
  • 38:57
  • 1:17:47
    10 MILES
  • 1:34:42
  • 3:43:03


Distance 212.1mi
Time 33h 17m
Elevation Gain 9,514ft
Runs 59


Total Distance 4,112.7mi
Total Time 590h 26m
Total Elev Gain 199,564ft
Total Runs 670

Recent Photos

  • My 2nd home for the next 5 months!
  • Morning run done! 60 minutes easy....
  • Great run out in the snow this morning. 15 miles through some pretty tough but beautiful countryside.
  • Happy with a sub 2 hours and 15th place at Ashurst Trail half marathon!
  • A toughy but a goody! Muddy hard though.
  • Rocking the KT!
  • Running some of the North Downs Way in prep for next year's race! #nofilter #stravarun #stravambassador #stravaproveit
  • Brighton 10k done. 38:58. Pretty happy. #stravarun
  • Meeting fellow strava runner Vikki!
  • Visiting the Poppies before they are taken away #stravarun #stravaproveit #stravambassador
  • Visiting the Poppies before they are taken away #stravarun #stravaproveit #stravambassador
  • Visiting the Poppies before they are taken away #stravarun #stravaproveit #stravambassador
  • Visiting the Poppies before they are taken away #stravarun #stravaproveit #stravambassador
  • Run in Cambridge and I stumbled across this cycle route!
  • Run in Cambridge and I stumbled across this cycle route!
  • Who needs fancy gels!? #stravarun #stravaproveit #stravambassador
  • A little help with the foam roller!
  • Follow my ultra running adventure as I train to complete a 50 mile race!
  • Wet run home from Pilates!
  • Another great sunny Sunday run! Although a little muddy and chilly. #stravarun #stravaproveit
  • Another beautiful sunrise on my Sunday run! #stravarun #stravaproveit #shine
  • Loving my new ultra vest and headtorch!
  • Head torch doing its thing! #nofilter #stravarun #stravambassador #stravaproveit
  • Crisp morning watching the sun rise! #stravarun #stravambassador #stravaproveit
  • Peek a boo! #nofilter #stravarun #stravambassador #stravaproveit
  • Let's squeeze down here! #stravarun #stravambassador #stravaproveit
  • Getting some culture in my life #stravarun #stravambassador #stravaproveit
  • Steamy end to the run! #stravarun #stravambassador #stravaproveit
  • Let's see where I end up! #stravarun #stravaproveit #stravambassador
  • Anyone for golf! FORE! #stravarun #stravaproveit #stravambassador
  • Pylon hill! Gets tough towards the top #stravarun #stravaproveit #stravambassador
  • Looking across the countryside! #stravarun #stravaproveit #stravambassador
  • Love the trail! #stravarun #stravaproveit #stravambassador
  • The only way is up! #stravarun #stravaproveit #stravambassador
  • Compulsory Selfie #stravarun #stravaproveit #stravambassador
  • Countryside #stravarun #stravaproveit #stravambassador
  • Won't miss me! #stravarun #stravambassador
  • London Eye! Beautiful day for a run!
  • For you Aussies!
  • Lets go this way! #stravarun #stravambassador #stravaproveit
  • Decisions decisions stravarun #stravambassador #stravaproveit
  • Not a bad place to have a rest! #stravarun #stravambassador #stravaproveit
  • View more snaps from the run! #stravarun #stravambassador #stravaproveit
  • Dartford10 done!
  • Strava runners at the Dartford 10 miler!
  • Dartford 10 done! 1:14:03! #stravarun #stravaproveit
  • Post run!
  • Holiday trail run! #stravarun #stravaproveit #stravaholiday
  • Holiday trail run! #stravarun #stravaproveit #stravaholiday
  • Holiday trail run! #stravarun #stravaproveit #stravaholiday
  • Holiday trail run! #stravarun #stravaproveit #stravaholiday
  • Holiday trail run! #stravarun #stravaproveit #stravaholiday
  • Holiday trail run! #stravarun #stravaproveit #stravaholiday
  • Reflecting on my morning run!  #stravarun #stravambassador #stravaproveit #uponreflection #Selfie
  • Stumbled across these beauties on my run this morning! #spitfire #hurricane #stravarun #stravaproveit
  • Awesome first spin in my new Nikes!
  • Buckingham Palace in all her glory! #stravaproveit #stravarun #stravambassador
  • Brit 10k done in a time potential matching my pb. What a better wat to celebrate?!
  • Lunch run down some of the Tour route!
  • Tour route! Almost Sprint time!
  • Took advantage of working close to the Tour route on my lunch run. They didn't need to close the road for me but I appreciated it!
  • Bewl water 15 done in 2:02. Fantastic race.
  • Tower Bridge!
  • The Shard!
  • Start of the North Downs 10k
  • Mind the step! NDR 30k
  • English county side at its best NDR 30k
  • Single file only! NDR 30k
  • Rupert looking strong! NDR 30k
  • NDR 30k
  • NDR 30k
  • Trail section NDR 30k
  • Almost home!!
  • Finished with tea and cake!! Tough old run, really enjoyed it!
  • Beautiful day for a run!
  • Beautiful day for a marathon!
  • Pacing bands, one for every lap!!
  • The start and finish line! Bringing back memories from last year. This hill 17 times!
  • The personal tables.
  • Some serious sweat!
  • Finished in 4:01 but more importantly I had fun doing it!
  • The beach! No paddling!
  • Found myself a light house
  • Just how I like it!
  • Not too bad either!
  • So after 21 weeks, 128 runs and 1057 miles I have come to the end of the road and tomorrow is Race day!! This is how I will look tomorrow people take note :-)
  • Week 17: back from an easy 13. This time next week I will be a few miles in to the marathon!!
  • Week 16: celebrating finishing the Paddock Wood half with Batman! 35 for the week. Struggled with illness last few weeks.
  • Running partner for the week! Thanks Mr Ellis!
  • Strava ambassador kit! #stravarun
  • Cornwall #stravarun #stravaproveit
  • Cornwall trail at its best!
  • Week 15 done: a low mileage week of 30 and just back from a VERY hilly 17 in Cornwall.
  • Morning run round Cornwall
  • Our home for the next week.
  • I want to live down this road!
  • Shiney!
  • Finish line of the London Marathon!
  • Visiting the queen!
  • Week 13: just a 16 for the day and 61 for the week. Loving the sun with party boy! He is 4 on Thursday!
  • I think I have a problem #shoefetish
  • Week 12: 65 for the week and 18 for the day! You know you love these updates! #runningspam
  • No one likes to see this on your top when you finish a run.... Ouch!!
  • Week 11 done! 22 for the day and 70 for the week!
  • Old vs New... 520 miles vs 5.2... Pink vs Black
  • Racing the light!
  • Why the long face?
  • Just about to jump off the train for my much needed recovery 5.  #stravarun
  • Week 10 done. 15 for the day and 58 for the week. Photo bombed by two little munchkins!
  • Week 9 done! Just back from a tempo run.
  • Week 8 done: just finished a 20 miler, tired, hungry and grumpy! 61 for the week...
  • Night run in Newcastle
  • Week 7 done, 68 for the week and 21 for the day :-)
  • Week 6 done. Recovery week of 43 miles. Just back from a lovely 14!
  • Week 5 done. 61 for the week and just back from a 16.
  • Week 4:done, 18 miler: done, 62 miles for the week: done!
  • Final run of the year done! That's 268 for the year.
  • Week 3 done: back from a tough 15 to take weekly total to 58!
  • A lovely 10 mile trail run done! Muddy to say the least!
  • Christmas Day 10 miles done, that's over 1300 calories banked now bring on the food!
  • Week 2 done. Finished the 55 mile week with a pleasant 16.
  • Fantastic kids party at work! Lots of fun had by all. The big man even showed up!
  • Daniel or Santa?! I can't tell!
  • Week 1 of marathon training done. Just back from my 15 miler.
  • That will be the Clarke family home then!
  • Happy to see the holiday weight stayed away!
  • Str to the...
  • A to the...
  • V to the...
  • A what do we have? #strava
  • Pit stop!
  • Look who's winning!
  • Off on our adventure to Padstow.
  • Farm on the hill in th distance.
  • Running along the river bank.
  • Folloing the light!
  • Watch your step!
  • Bench with a view!
  • More trail...
  • Beech! Kind of.
  • Driveway out of farm!
  • Which way to Lerryn?
  • Bridge at Lerryn!
  • Run starts to head off road.
  • First holiday run. Heading out!
  • Lunch run: new snazzy busses
  • Lunch run: Horse guards parade
  • Lunch run: Big Ben
  • Lunch run: Green man
  • Lunch run: Paliment Square
  • Lunch run: I bumped in to the Mrs!
  • Lunch run: church
  • Tower Bridge in the distance!
  • The Station!
  • The office!
  • Tonbridge half done! 1:34:45!
  • Lunch run: Welcome to the city!
  • Lunch run: Anyone for table tennis?
  • Lunch run: Pond
  • Lunch run: No idea who this is!
  • Lunch run: Embankment Gardens
  • Lunch run: sign speaks for itself :)
  • Lunch run: St Pauls
  • Lunch run: Double deckers!
  • Lunch run: My very own bus!
  • Lunch run: Outside the office
  • Lunch run: Big Ben
  • Lunch run: Eye eye
  • Eye eye!
  • Boris bikes!
  • Getting closer to that 9 something!
  • Proper cross country!!! This is going to hurt...