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Tim Grose

Tim Grose

Claygate, Surrey, United Kingdom
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Driving force behind the results & rankings sites Power of 10 and Mainly a runner with Walton AC (anything from 800 to marathon) but also dabble in time trials and a bit of golf (12 handicap at Malden GC). In fact am current British Open Speedgolf Championships Novice Class Champion! Bit of an unashamed Strava CR chaser and made it to my target of 1000 of them on 22nd Sept but in danger of falling "back under" so not too many Uh oh! emails please :)

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 80
  • 160
  • 240
  • 320
  • 400
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 39.2mi
  • 4h 59m
  • 1,824ft

Recent Achievements

  • CR on Speer Road South
  • CR on HCP
  • CR on Outer Loop
  • 4th overall on grebe 2

All-Time PRs

  • 3:55
    1500 METERS
  • 4:16
    1 MILE
  • 8:49
    3000 METERS
  • 15:26
  • 32:17
  • 54:27
    10 MILES
  • 1:12:30
  • 2:33:53


Distance 1,597.3mi
Time 200h 24m
Elevation Gain 60,449ft
Runs 292


Total Distance 20,688.5mi
Total Time 2518h 59m
Total Elev Gain 730,190ft
Total Runs 4025

Recent Photos

  • Harrold-Odell Country Park
  • Patched up after Sunday. Bit of discomfort running but don't want any more PEs and DVTs like 3 years ago.
  • Outdoor spinning bike!
  • And the was just in the warmup!
  • Wicked last 1.5 miles and died on my feet going from 2nd to 5th. Still working hard!
  • Secret passage...
  • Black Pond
  • Stone base at West End along from end of current Rifle Range Path. Was this the range? About right location...
  • Halfpenny Pond - one of the shallowest here apparently
  • Now I think this ditch here was at end of Rifle Range - all of 900 yards from maybe that stone base
  • Some sort of film shoot going on in Haywards Drive
  • Discarded nearby - something for HP !
  • Eight Walks
  • Top of Grand Avenue
  • New Premier Inn for Havant soon
  • Not sure what the gate is for!
  • Next outfit for @marders ?
  • More random gates
  • This was Sidley station!
  • Sidley station site - no tarmac yet
  • Back towards Bexhill
  • Got round just about in one piece. Respectable for fitness 39:35
  • Here for the Bexhill Hastings Link Road 10K - on the yet to be opened new road
  • Umm well I did order 3 new pairs yesterday!
  • West End map - I seem to need it!
  • So right just past these trees on a small rise.
  • Then up this rather narrow path over some logs. West End Hill 1 segment
  • The Ledges - keep fence on right and don't fall down over it - big drop!
  • Chequers Pond
  • Very very easy!
  • Armona/Fuseta Lands End
  • Following my tracks back
  • Toe off and sink!
  • Red sky at night looking to Olhao from Armona
  • Only bit, even at low tide. that prevents a water splash-free beach circuit on Armona. My foot print just visible coming out near side.
  • Fuseta station - no nicking bits of it!!!
  • Fuseta station getting some new platforms.
  • Unofficial crossing it seems. Not sure where the ballast has gone in parts...
  • One stop on train done to Fuseta-A. There are 2 stations here - the other is called Fuseta!
  • Nice view if you lived here. At end of my run in Fuseta.
  • Uphill start to run.
  • New shoes - Adidas XT Boost - kinky boots ?
  • Aughton start !
  • Runable bit
  • Old bridge over canal
  • Ian, David (madeupname!) and me enroute. David cycling us running!
  • Up some steps to overgrown trackbed. U turn required
  • Just for us!
  • Bit of low level Savernake station
  • Bit of low level Savernake station
  • Bruce Tunnel
  • Highlevel Cottage
  • Season's best in 5000 17:42.21
  • West Meon station
  • More of the old station revealed
  • Vastly improved surface on old railway from West Meon towards Droxford
  • Platforms revealed at West Meon
  • In a place called Send Grove near Guildford.
  • My first place in Novice category (over 8 golf handicap) 92 shots in 53:10
  • Whoop whoop I won the Novive golfer category for handicaps over 8 !!!
  • Bury Field railway that never was
  • My cricket club until about 1982 aged 15. Where did the time go...
  • The pitch - they moved the score box - was in right corner. Used to earn £1 per afternoon scoring for 1st team but probably spent more on different coloured Pentil pens!
  • Northney visitor centre not a phone!
  • North Hayling map
  • No ferry at moment - gone bust!
  • St Laurence, Lurgashall
  • Some sort of show about to start!
  • Quintessential English scene. Village cricket pitch at Lurgashall with Noah's Ark pub in background.
  • Newish signs to guide the way from Liss Common car park
  • Thorney island
  • Near Sutton Geen
  • Old railway crossing but no runable track bed
  • Clambered up to short section of high embankment.
  • A garden chair on the old railway embankment in a private garden at Bepton just outside Midhurst.
  • Railway crossed through here in Bepton. Bridge House on left and some possible bridge abutments on right.
  • Spot the 50p blue drink something stuff to match the bike!
  • Gone red since last used when was blue!
  • Ho hum just held on on the line against Andy Robinson in Rosenheim at Kingston. I was or am a runners to the fore.
  • parkrun done in the vest. Took me to 2nd. Not the county champs but at least am out there working hard...
  • Lockers in Pingo - supermarket in Olhao. Handy to leave stuff when off for a run!
  • Boat from Armona
  • In case need to go somewhere!
  • 1st 800 for 2 years - 2:15.7. Not too bad.
  • For Sue Grose! This copy was a bit manky though...
  • Chris Ness in the 5000
  • Chasing pack in the 5000
  • All coming together with 4 to go
  • Winner - Peter from HW bit under 18
  • Ho hum, former pot hunting glory!
  • First did this in 1998. Mark Critchlow record has proved very elusive. 27:03 was my best and don't think anybody has broken 27 in those years.
  • After Claygate 5 - pleased with 3rd in just under 30.
  • Sultry night at Walton for the vets league. Here a 200 about to start with 5000 runners gathering. Got a good 2nd in 800 in think SB. Just waiting to get the exact time.
  • Location of proposed Pods at Hayling by ferry point.
  • Ferry Boat Inn
  • Back at the hut
  • New Eastoke station for Hayling railway with train pulling out
  • Beachlands station
  • SB 4:39.1 not far behind Anthony Jackson & Andy Robinson
  • Tree Ninja at Salcey Forest - High ropes - no thanks! Will stick to the trails :)
  • First @speedgolfuk practice at Claremont. +15 on par 56 short course in 36:15 with 7I, PW & putter
  • Air vent for blocked up Baynards tunnel
  • Noted about photos if can read that
  • Old shed at Baynards
  • Former Thurlow Arms at Baynards
  • #Garmin Timed to the second to stop - daylight left - nil pois
  • Wheathampstead station!
  • Lands End at Fuseta end
  • Looking out to sea
  • Fuseta other end of Armona after 5K beach run
  • And back to mainland across water
  • Nothing but sea, sand and a few seagulls for the 3 miles a bit between Armona and 
Fuseta. Need to run both ways to even out.
  • The start of the boardwalk looking out to the Atlantic beach
  • Used to cross railway by Olhao - actually everybody still does!
  • Just made boat back to Armona but standing room only.
  • A bridge to somewhere? Unfinished Olhao bypass
  • Not a car in sight - yet...
  • Sunday AM - no takers at Faro track
  • Inviting water jump?
  • Bit late for this!
  • Saw a @stravarun segment 3% uphill into wind so went for it - twice???? Now for an iced tea before run back!
  • Back on Armona
  • From other end
  • Beach bar getting makeover for new season
  • Low tide!
  • This will be under water in the morning.
  • Brickwork for bridge that carried railway in Tiffield. Apparently station site was on that top bank.
  • Fullerton station (the original). Stayed here with Sue a couple of times when they did B&B
  • Wherwell station built 1884 it says
  • Progress stopped just outside Wherwell on tracked!
  • And just a bit further on - Fullerton Junction station platforms which went to Wherwell where going back to now.
  • More steps
  • Interesting back garden roof!
  • Bit of old original station platform in Station House garden
  • Not the safest of steps! Worse down...
  • On top of bridge
  • On top of bridge with car below :)
  • Ian at edge of missing railway bridge across A338
  • On top of bridge
  • Bulford Camp old signal
  • Looking back to Amesbury from top of old railway embankment at Bulford
  • As it says...
  • Umm Out of Bounds sign - as if you could get through there...
  • Car park was Bulford station
  • In Amesbury Tesco!
  • Old lines where we went. Amesbury station is now Tesco
  • Poster 2
  • Finishing funnel at Woking parkrun
  • Looking back down opening and closing straight of Woking parkrun. So you do this 4 times. That's one of the few straight bits!
  • 2nd in the SCVAC 1500 4:43.9 to Stuart Flack 4:38.6 Very windy tonight
  • At Horsebridge station
  • Horsebridge signal box
  • What you get at back - bit of old platform
  • Under offer! Mottisfont station
  • Rosenheim 800 @ Kingston
  • More A3 secret roads!
  • What was this?
  • Clandon Park - asleep...
  • Can see the damage in this one...
Clandon Park
  • Opening again? Plough in Cobham.
  • The Waterwitch in Odiham. Sue and the spare wives (Virginia & Cathy) left inside :)
  • Towpath today. No old railways or roads! Odiham
  • And other way towards Warnborough
  • On top of the bridge
  • Near Calcot Farm
  • On top of bridge!
  • One last old rail crossing across a public path. Nothing doing here either!
  • Trackbed passes other side of gate
  • Inside Bishop's Waltham Palace
  • View out