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Matt Miesnieks

Matt Miesnieks

San Francisco, CA
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Matt Miesnieks is a cyclist from San Francisco, CA. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 280
  • 560
  • 840
  • 1120
  • 1400
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 193.6km
  • 8h 36m
  • 3,068m

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Arguello Ramp 2
  • PR on Up Arguello From GG Park to Presidio
  • 2nd fastest time on Bridge to Arguello Gate
  • 2nd fastest time on Lincoln descent, from Washington to Merchant


Distance 7,842.0km
Time 322h 22m
Elevation Gain 90,831m
Rides 120


Total Distance 21,099.5km
Total Time 901h 13m
Total Elev Gain 222,304m
Total Rides 332

Recent Photos

  • Starting the day the right way
  • Getting back into the dawn ride routine
  • Chrissy Field, waking up #sunrise
  • The descent
  • #sunrise ggb
  • Sausalito #sunrise
  • Twice around the headlands to start the day
  • Just before #sunset
  • Palace of Fine Arts #nofilter
  • #sunrise
  • Day 1 as a bike commuter
  • GGB orange dawn
  • Hazy morning #everyfilterknowntoman
  • The crack of dawn
  • Such a great angle
  • The sun always shines on Tiburon
  • Golden #sunrise
  • Still summer sunrise
  • Tourist shot
  • No more upwards left
  • Onwards & upwards
  • Atmospheric #literally #seewhatididthere
  • Loving these warm sunny mornings
  • Sunny summer mornings are the best!
  • Perfect #cervelo #enve #q365 #abovecategory #veloceclubbolzano
  • No sleep + no fog + no wind = ???? #sunrise
  • #q365 SF #sunrise #veloceclubbolzano #abovecategory
  • Happy Day.... Smashed Derek on the bike
  • From freezing to cooking in 1 mile as I came up out of the fog
  • Disappearing into the fog
  • Morning ride above the clouds
  • Early start
  • Clear, but windy as hell
  • Boundary layer
  • Another awesome morning #sunrise #cervelo #enve
  • Not the way I wanted this ride to end... Waiting for a cab
  • #sunrise over the golden gate fog
  • Early fog rolling over the Marin headlands. Feels like Australia
  • Alcatraz #sunrise on a glorious SF Monday
  • #nofilter wish every morning was like this
  • Regular ride ... Love this spot
  • Looking towards Bolinas from BoFax rd
  • Strange being up here after dawn
  • #sunrise over Alcatraz
  • Another foggy start
  • Not the most photogenic morning....
  • Lovely SF summer morning at the beach... #surfsup
  • SF is down there somewhere...
  • Dawn light #touristphoto
  • Down the coast...
  • Breakfast stop
  • Pre dawn Tiburon
  • Early start
  • Quick ride before the day begins
  • Spring morning
  • New kit day is always a good day! @q36_5 @abovecategory #bolzano
  • New Merc concept on Hawk Hill.. M14 electric
  • @portemantho this is coming for you
  • Stunning day, with no one around!
  • Mt Tam + 7 sisters + Alpine dam has got to be one of the best rides on earth #nofilter
  • Lovely winter ride around the Paradise Loop
  • Rained on ... wet birthday ride
  • #sunrise over Mill Valley
  • Still think of @greatdismal & All Tomorrows Parties everytime I see this
  • #sunrise in SF
  • @nathbridgewater it's not North Bondi but it'll do
  • Paradise loop lived up to its name today. Golden morning
  • Redwoods at dawn. Amazing morning for a ride
  • Epic morning at West Peak
  • 2nd ascent of East Peak today
  • Still, warm morning in SF
  • And I could be in NYC right now... #sfsnowpocalipse
  • Pimping a wally in NorCal... feels like Monaco in Sausalito #techboom
  • Rapha Ride over the 7 sisters
  • SF waking up and poking its head out of the blankets
  • The finish line... after 600+ km in 3 days
  • Going to be a lot of these today #nofilter
  • Starting the ride...
  • Another
  • Coast ride day 2
  • Dawn ride with Pierre
  • The reward for an hour of hard climbing in the dark... Mt Tam sunrise looking back at SF
  • Moody SF sunrise from the Golden Gate
  • The beginning of the end of the year....
  • Sunrise on the Santa Monica pier
  • Turnaround point on the pch malibu
  • Beautiful day for a long ride
  • Alpine Dam in action! Never seen this before
  • Happy to sneak an early ride in this morning
  • Cycling 160km to my Turkey. Thankful for my health, a loving & supportive family @silka, wildly generous friends @roybahat, and the Torbrek red wine waiting for me!
  • Dawn SF skyline #nofilter
  • Ending the weekend on a high
  • Amazing sunrise this morning
  • Better... #nofilter
  • Christened my early xmas present. Very happy camper #enve #powertap
  • Sunrise over #Cervelo
  • Riding out on what's going to be a beautiful SF morning
  • Happy place
  • Crisp cool morning
  • GGB
  • Morning
  • Early start today
  • I love this time of year
  • Emerging from the fog
  • SF's blanket
  • SF Bay welcoming the weekend
  • Worlds biggest & best streetlamp
  • #Cervelo portrait
  • Amazing day riding Kings Ridge
  • Let the day begin
  • Suffering at dawn. I hope a strava PR makes it worth it
  • Sunrise behind hawk hill
  • Wow #nofilter
  • Backside of Hawk Hill
  • Exploring PCH and Topanga canyon #mailbu
  • L.A.
  • Quick ride before school drop off
  • Dawn light on ggb #nofilter
  • Breakfast picnic listening to coyotes howl
  • SF surf #dawnpatrol
  • Alpine lake once again. My favorite loop
  • Peaceful ride above the clouds on Mt Tam
  • Great roads
  • Breakfast spot
  • Starting a lap of Tahoe
  • Tahoe morning #nofilter
  • Sand Harbor selfie
  • So stunning. Lost for words
  • Less common angle ggb
  • Norcal coast #dramatic
  • Pre-dawn ggb
  • No tourists on the bike path! #luxury
  • GGB dawn light
  • Sunrise over alcatraz
  • Love this routine, coming up here
  • Mt Tam again
  • Angel island is angelic
  • Early starts have their own reward
  • SF + GGB morning
  • Morning HH repeats
  • Fav ride
  • SF is down under there somewhere. Much nicer up here
  • Foggy warm morning
  • Quiet & foggy ggb
  • Summer
  • Morning!
  • West Coast Best Coast
  • My favorite ride #alpinedam
  • Sunday morning devotional
  • Heading out for 5 hours on the bike... Great way to start #nofilter
  • Love
  • Morning light cutting through the fog
  • Almost 12m since I climbed this mtn. Too long... #islandsinthefog
  • Off to Camp Jones Gulch
  • Love this commute
  • Alcatraz at dawn #nofilter
  • Magic morning
  • Too perfect
  • Starting the weekend off right
  • Another tough commute
  • Literally stopping to smell the roses in Tiburon. Too nice to ride on through
  • Super easy early spin before Maker Faire today. Best city on earth
  • Commuting :-)
  • SF dawn patrol
  • GGB gorgeous morning
  • And the weekend begins
  • Beats the caltrain SF to PA anyday
  • GGB easy like Sunday morning
  • Golden Gate Bridge from Hawk Hill #famousview
  • I'll keep on riding up to here until it gets easy again
  • Gorgeous day for a ride
  • Turn around 180 degrees from the prev photo. #Nofilter
  • Easy ride
  • 110km Wet ride today....
  • Bay lights
  • Fav time of the day
  • Wake up + recover
  • Great start to the weekend
  • Bay Area morning shot for @chuck_dooley
  • Omg I am out of shape. Need more of this ASAP
  • SF
  • The path less traveled
  • Can't not think I'm in a movie scene every time I see the GGB from this aspect #nofilter
  • Bay Bridge morning
  • Gorgeous SF afternoon
  • At least it's not raining @koubiak
  • Dawn is heaven
  • Grey dawn
  • Americas Cup in action
  • A bit less fog. A bit more fitness. A bit less stress.
  • Color filter, B&W filter... No difference really
  • SF skyline (in summer). At least it's warm.
  • Been too long since I started the day this way #feelsgood
  • Waking up...
  • Beautiful place on a wet foggy ride
  • Long day, almost home
  • Hot climb today! 3 weeks ago was a blizzard!!
  • Love that orange, but don't understand why orange only has 1 syllable here in USA
  • SF Blues
  • Still waking up the legs but feeling better than yesterday