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Brian Schuster

Brian Schuster

San Francisco, California
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Go fast, don't fall. - My wife.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 230
  • 460
  • 690
  • 920
  • 1150
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 420.7mi
  • 26h 39m
  • 40,782ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Zen Center Exit to Top Hwy 1 KOM
  • PR on Muir Woods Down Muir Beach Up
  • 2nd fastest time on Muir Woods Descent from 4 Corners
  • 2nd fastest time on Marion to Four Corners


Distance 8,993.1mi
Time 493h 22m
Elevation Gain 639,688ft
Rides 286


Total Distance 42,839.8mi
Total Time 2555h 25m
Total Elev Gain 3,371,955ft
Total Rides 1233

Recent Photos

  • Bright, early, and caffeinated with @fatcakeclub on our way to @terunpizza! #SquadraSFYr4
  • Enjoying the sun and tailwind along the pacific coast. #SquadraSFYr4
  • Hello Pacific Ocean! #SquadraSFYr4 #calisucksdontcome
  • A slightly different view this morning #SquadraSFYr4
  • Replacing lost calories #SquadraSFYr4
  • Cause' I have a camera and it's gorgeous outside. #outsideisfree #SquadraSFYr4
  • #nocaptionneeded #SquadraSFYr4
  • Hello sun. #SquadraSFYr4
  • #perfection #SquadraSFYr4
  • Another perfect morning. #SquadraSFYr4 #missioncycling
  • Good morning #SanFrancisco! This may be the most cliche photo in the city, but it's been 2 years since I've been up here and I just had to. #nofilter #missioncycling #SquadraSFYr4
  • A bike ride with my dad!!
  • A beautiful evening for a ride #SquadraSFYr4
  • All that was left of the 40+ who started the noon ride today, by the time we hit sand hill the second time around. Thanks to @ygduf for the beastly pulls. #SquadraSFpbTerun #SquadraSFYr4
  • Pescadero is one of my favorite places to ride, especially on such a clear day. Good day out with AV. #SquadraSFpbTerun #SquadraSFYr4
  • Alpine road #SquadraSFYr4
  • The @ornotbike Radical Blue 2.0 make their debut as part of my new training plan: #sockdoping #SquadraSFYr4
  • Donner summit climb... Gorgeous! #nofilter #SquadraSFpbTerun #SquadraSFYr4
  • Descending page mill on this was a bit hair raising... #SquadraSFYr4
  • Playing bikes with @cmzappala #SquadraSFpbTerun #SquadraSFYr4
  • Top o' hammy! #SquadraSFpbTerun #SquadraSFYr4
  • Bottom o' hammy! #SquadraSFpbTerun #SquadraSFYr4
  • Hamilton KOM! #atoc
  • Yeah, that'll do it :-(
  • 3600 kilojoules is a well-earned burrito. #SquadraSFpbTerun #SquadraSFYr4
  • Nothing like a mid-ride triple espresso! #SquadraSFYr4
  • SF Anniversary stop #6: Kokkari. Mission complete.
  • SF anniversary stop #2: @ritualcoffee. That was a good cup of coffee. #understatement
  • SF anniversary stop #3: @tartinebakery. Lemon cream tart. Holy shit.
  • SF anniversary stop #4: some park in the mission. Smells like college ;-)
  • What a way to spend my 30th birthday... riding bikes on a weekday! #SquadraSFYr4
  • Warmin' up for CCCX with the boys. #SquadraSFYr4
  • One of the greatest things SF has to offer... a county loaf from  @tartinebakery. Bliss.
  • Treating myself to a $5 pour over at @sightglass this morning! If I must go all the way to SF for work, I better make it worth my while. And it was delicious.
  • My Vision with these guys! #SquadraSFYr4
  • A little @manresabread for breakfast at the California farmers market in Palo Alto. And of course some #zombierunner coffee to go with. Delish.
  • Sorry for cutting off your head @ygduf... The @francobikes #custompaint just looks so good! #SquadraSFYr4
  • A bit of wet. #SquadraSFpbTerun #SquadraSFYr4
  • Rainy selfie
  • A little bit of dirt to spice things up today. #SquadraSFYr4 @osmonutrition @ritcheylogic
  • Great company today! #SquadraSFYr4
  • Hard to beat skyline. #ridebikes #nofilter #SquadraSFYr4
  • First time up this beast #SquadraSFYr4
  • Riding bikes on a Monday in big basin. Good stuff. #SquadraSFYr4
  • A good morning #SquadraSFYr4
  • Another @squadrasf day. #SquadraSFpbTerun #SquadraSFYr4
  • Love these roads #SquadraSFYr4
  • The best kind of recovery! @terunpizza @squadrasf @spyoptic #SquadraSFYr4
  • On the road with the team. #SquadraSFpbTerun #SquadraSFYr4 @francobikes
  • Chillin' with dad!
  • @ygduf is all smiles after the SLO practice crit on day 2 of @squadrasf team camp. #SquadraSFYr4
  • Break time. #SquadraSFYr4
  • Can't beat this. ##SquadraSFYr4
  • Love this road #SquadraSFYr4
  • #SquadraSFYr4 SLO team camp!
  • Post Santa Rosa pain. @ygduf takes the @squadrasf KOM! #SquadraSFYr4
  • Lovely coast. Feels like summer.  #SquadraSFYr4
  • Bike sunrise. #SquadraSFYr4
  • New toy! @ritcheylogic
  • Brrr... time to go ride my bike in some "crisp" air.
  • West Olh blur #SquadraSFYr4
  • #SquadraSFYr4
  • Festive pup
  • Good morning New Zealand! #nofilter
  • Perfect morning ride.
  • Shadow selfie
  • Crown range summit. #SquadraSFYr4
  • #switchbacks
  • What a day for a bike ride. #nofilter
  • My cycling buddy for 6 hours in the saddle. Thanks for the company Reinhard! #rideNZ #nofilter
  • Lake wanaka with an amazing backdrop. #rideNZ
  • #TourOfMiddleEarth #1
  • #TourOfMiddleEarth #2
  • #TourOfMiddleEarth #3
  • #TourOfMiddleEarth #4
  • #TourOfMiddleEarth #5
  • #TourOfMiddleEarth #6
  • #TourOfMiddleEarth #7
  • More from middle earth.
  • Great roads. #rideNZ
  • Highest paved road in NZ. Crown Range. Amazing climb. #rideNZ
  • The roads in #MiddleEarth are pretty spectacular. #RideNewZealand. #hobbits
  • My steed for the next few days. #RideNewZealand #hobbits
  • Hello Auckland. #NZ #hobbits
  • Wet roads, unsettled weather.
  • Top of ham after the final #lkhc... Chris Evans wins!!!! #squadrasfyr4
  • #lkhc Hamilton podium! Chris Evans 1st, Stefano Profumo 2nd, Hans Detlefsen 3rd. Yours truly somewhere around 10th. #SquadraSFYr4
  • The coast from a different perspective!
  • This is not a video game! Yes, I am flying a plane :-) #rad
  • Time to land! #flyingrocks
  • Team ride! #SquadraSFYr4
  • Happy to be outside riding bikes. #SquadraSFYr4
  • @ygduf for the win! #SquadraSFYr4
  • Super clear on the coast today. #SquadraSFYr4
  • A bunch of good lookin' rear ends :-) #SquadraSFYr4
  • @ygduf is surprisingly happy! #rainride
  • Rain selfie!
  • Just rollin' #squadrasfyr4
  • Good company #squadrasfyr4
  • A moment of rest #squadrasfyr4
  • Nice fall day for a ride #squadrasfyr4
  • Great day to ride with these guys! #terun pre-party.
  • The guys #squadraSF
  • I swear I took this photo ;-).
  • Riding through the redwoods. #squadraSF
  • One more... Just cause. #squadraSF
  • These guys
  • Pre race with graham and @ygduf. #lkhc
  • A good day for orange. #trickortreat #giantsbandwagon
  • The captain. #yosemite #latergram #nofilter
  • Into the light.
  • The colors of morning.
  • Morning clarity
  • Simplicity
  • Good morning! #whyiride
  • Riding bikes with my dad! #DoesntExistInAfrica #thankfulfor
  • Just some mountains
  • Good morning Africa! Epic ride in store for today.
  • Kili
  • Marangu gate, Kilimanjaro! #rideafrica
  • Rode all the way up here... Kili looms another 13,000ft above! #rideafrica
  • Last ride in Africa! Bittersweet. At least I had company this time.
  • Last club ride with the Tanzanian boys! This ride has been a light in my otherwise dark and solo Tanzanian cycling experience. And yes, that guy is wearing UCI pro bibs (there is some talent here for sure). #rideafrica
  • Final shot of today's club ride... Had to be a selfie ;-). Was a great, fast, and hard ride today. Not to mention the sun was out. #lifeisgood #rideafrica
  • Cool cloud layer
  • More cool clouds. I'm a sucker for clouds, can you tell?
  • Rays of light
  • Good morning #nofilter
  • Nice day to be outside on my bike! #nofilter
  • Crazy clouds today... Unsettled weather.
  • African solitude
  • A slight miscalculation. #roadsideassistance #AfricanAAA
  • Another one of Meru... I couldn't resist.
  • Finally, a clear morning in Arusha! #nofilter
  • Beach brunch!
  • That's our dinner spot for the evening. #meh #zanzibar
  • Arusha selfie.
  • Back to Arusha! Mt Meru in the sun.
  • The view from our run.
  • Maasai tea service in the middle of nowhere!!
  • The African bush and the mountain from hell (hiked it yesterday and almost spent the night)
  • This is what s-works shoes are supposed to look like, right?
  • Searching for sun...
  • Almost there sun!
  • Found ya! No filter needed this morning.
  • The kids all walk to school in the morning. I haven't seen a single overweight child in Arusha... go figure. #nofilter
  • Morning view
  • Time to reflect. #morninglight #nofilter
  • Back into the clouds... The sun was nice while it lasted!
  • Perfect morning for a ride.
  • I think the concept of a saddlebag is lost on tho guy... #notpro
  • Arusha May have heavy traffic, abundant exhaust, and copious dust, but it also has views like this. #glasshalfull #whyiride
  • Our road the day after they "repaired" it. #africanroadwork
  • Another section of our recently "repaved" road. What ever gave these guy the idea that spraying water on a dirt road that is heavily trafficked was a good idea?!
  • Hard to tell, but that's my Kilimanjaro on the distance. If all goes according to plan, we'll be standing on the summit in a month!
  • Just me, the open road, and Meru
  • A quick trip to the local "bike mechanic" to get a few broken parts sorted. Just gotta know where to look!
  • Final stop at probably the only French bakery in Arusha for some croissants and coffee. #jackpot #cyclingnutrition
  • Why your face looks like after a ROAD ride in Tanzania. #htfu
  • Great morning for a bike ride with Bram
  • Selfie attempt
  • Lovin that sun
  • $1.90 for all this... Not bad or overpaying white person?
  • All kinds of issues
  • More problems of some sort
  • The things you see in Africa...
  • Las Vegas is a bit ambitious I think.
  • Who knew post-ride service in Africa could be so good! #jackpot
  • The African savannah...
  • Meru looming
  • These guys have a long way to go to get to Google... @sf2g in Africa!
  • Arusha Wednesday morning group ride. Solid pacelines! #CyclingIsUniversal
  • A bit muddy today, and all on paved roads! Oh Africa...
  • To the Arusha national park gate today. Nice climb.
  • As far as they let me go. #TanzaniaNationalParks
  • Local butcher
  • First group ride in Tanzania! Arusha cycling locals showing me the ropes.
  • Mt Meru. #nofilter
  • My Meru rising 15,000 ft above Arusha.
  • This is the best part of riding in Africa... Open roads, great weather, and awesome scenery.
  • One more from today's ride...
  • This is Africa from a bike..,
  • Some more professional cyclists. #sagan
  • The yellow jersey! #wiggo #atoc
  • Hamilton KOM!! #atoc
  • First col du pantoll of the year! (For me). Perfect weather for it.
  • CDP BBQ! At least the pain is over...
  • Cruisin' with dad on alpine road. #playingbikes
  • Nice way to end the day.
  • Somewhere on alpine
  • First ride with the new @iamspecialized S-Works shoes! With a little break-in, they should be great.
  • Ride so hard your shoe delaminates. #toomanywatts
  • Great result today at CCCX after a mechanical took me out of wards ferry yesterday. Thank to Chris Evans for setting up a perfect finish for me. @squadrasf @ritcheylogic @musclemilksf
  • Kinda hard to finish a race without this thing. Glad I didn't go down, but disappointed in a premature end to a race that really suited me. There's always tomorrow!
  • One more from a long and awesome day on the bike with @ygduf
  • Flat tire, bent rim, and oncoming cars. Thank god for dads who can play SAG!
  • Coastal hills. #whereiride @squadrasf
  • @ygduf savoring the feeling of a sub-50 min diablo. That hurt! @squadrasf @musclemilksf @scottsports @ritcheylogic @spyoptic
  • #whereiride