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Jay Hesker

Jay Hesker

Corona, California
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Took an extended vacation from cycling. Now back to learn new things, see new places, refuse new carbs, and get yelled at and told to quit by new angry-old-cyclists.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 170
  • 340
  • 510
  • 680
  • 850
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 86.2mi
  • 5h 35m
  • 1,521ft

Recent Achievements

  • 2nd fastest time on Bison Sprint to CA
  • 2nd fastest time on Watery Eyes
  • 2nd fastest time on Culver - Alton to Warner
  • 2nd fastest time on culver 405 overpass to main junction


Distance 1,832.2mi
Time 133h 44m
Elevation Gain 27,215ft
Rides 199


Total Distance 20,085.4mi
Total Time 1382h 32m
Total Elev Gain 746,516ft
Total Rides 867

Recent Photos

  • Supermoon sets on way to work.
  • Riding with my baby to the beach!
  • Well, I'm glad they left the package under my doormat so no one would see it.
  • Lol, looked a lot cooler to the naked eye.
  • I bear the sun to the beach
  • This guy uses a dead seal skull as a headlamp.
  • I should really do this more often.
  • #dontjudgeme
  • While my dog sleeping quietly in his crate I wanted to take this bike ride to remind you this is a tire inflator, not Cesar Millan mimic device. Hah! @cantseetheline
  • Morning ride
  • #omg I'm from #Omaha originally and these are the best sammiches on the planet.  Soon to open a store a mile from my house in #Riverside!  #happy
  • It's a t rtle but I don't care.  #gooddog
  • Palos Verses Eye Candies
  • Loving life.
  • Already tired. #dogs #hiking
  • Little rain here in #SoCal but the #gatorhardshell doesn't mind.
  • And then this happened.....
  • Man the orange blossoms smell amazing.
  • Ride to the Doppler Ball via
  • 405 @ evening rush
  • Say, that is one fancy germ farm they got there...
  • :(
  • Spring is here!
  • Beautiful day
  • Hulda Crooks before IEBA meeting. Easy and Slow.
  • Bombed down to here from Forest Falls. Absolute cheater's miles. Yay!
  • Ella so aero!
  • Riding with my niece.
  • I've been pounding the table for a homemade cherry pie for months....mmmmm...can't wait! Amy is the best.
  • Crafton Hills on left, Baldy on the right. Merry Christmas.
  • Man, that's a lot of ornaments.
  • Snow; it's a Christmas miracle!
  • Dead kids always get all the attention.
  • Fa ra ra!
  • The long since dead.
  • Some people are dumb. RIP
  • Silly goat hut
  • Helipad
  • Approaching Santiago Peak from Skyline. Beautiful day.
  • A good day
  • A new kind of ridiculous.
  • Barton/San Tim
  • Cajalco!
  • Kids with decals.
  • The honorable Russell Cammell
  • San Onofre
  • Sun breaking the Corona fog
  • Not bad for a Tuesday night. #cripplingalcoholism
  • Duckies with the Roths!
  • Oh shoot the t-rex is loose again.
  • Sycamore Drive
  • Home sweet home
  • Amy conquers Cajalco with 115 miles already in her legs! #perseverance #cycling #century #sunset
  • 4 banana breakfast in #temecula #wine #country #cycling #randoneurring #nohomo
  • Early train...
  • Ride last night with Amy #sunset #ie #norco #cycling
  • They always say it like it's a bad thing or something...
  • @thecastillo
  • Greenspot!
  • USS Midway
  • White Mountain Double Century, 200 miles, 12,000ft gain' 15h08m. What a day!!!!
  • Tired.
  • Palos Verses Estates
  • Port of Long Beach @Cabrillo Beach. Nice day!
  • Cycling legs.
  • Poor bike...not a bad life though.
  • Directions, old school.
  • Greenspot, on the way to Yucaipa!
  • I think I should become a corrupt fight promoter. Me after 169 miles of riding today...
  • Newport Coast @ Balboa. Great cycling weather.
  • 60 to go...
  • A portal to the ocean..
  • Maybe if I had some good drugs. Sheesh.
  • Temecula in the morning. Nice place. F+++ yo couch!
  • Lol whoops did someone order tacos?
  • #refueling #burritobob #mauiwowi
  • #raam start. Someday....
  • #raam
  • Defending champions #raam
  • Okay so this morning I found the head....and laughed out loud as I circled back to take a picture.
  • Well that's....disturbing.....
  • Bike gods saying no today...
  • Popped a spoke on the way up... :( waiting for a SAG #ridearoundthebear
  • A motley crew indeed
  • I have company this morning.
  • So this is a high school surfing class. Yes, that's good enough to help the GPA in Huntington Beach.
  • Crazy looking this am.
  • Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  • As promised. Your morning zen. Courtesy of Surf City.
  • I actually only live a couple if miles from West Coast Customs. The train slowed me down so I went and took a picture while I was waiting.
  • Santa Fe Dam
  • Laying under the trees. Half napping..
  • Long Beach. No Snoop Dog. :(
  • Bug show! on Palisades
  • Alright let's do this.
  • Get to LA you slaves.
  • Good advice.
  • Huntington Beach is nice today.
  • looks a little different later in the morning...
  • Larry and Dan and their real mountain bikes.
  • Bessy made it to the top!
  • Amy completed her first century today! A big cycling milestone! Congratulations! Time for a train ride home from O-shun-side.
  • Mile 65!
  • Cove  Drive at Dana Point.
  • Show me your Hemet Double Century warface!!!
  • The wind at west Corona says eat is the way to glory and wind hax.
  • HB sand blast today. This should be a fun ride...
  • Life is full of choices. I prefer to be in the smart minority. Sheeple make me sad.
  • Suckers stuck on the 91...
  • Eaaaarly 91 around Green River.
  • This is why I like to get up early to ride. Don't waste sunlight sleeping on a beautiful morning! 30 seconds after I took this, the column of light blazed into morning sunshine. It was a Kumbaya moment.
  • The raspberry vines I planted last summer survived the long, hard socal winter and are back to give us some real production this year.
  • I love you Solvang.
  • Getting ready for the Solvang Spring Double...
  • The orange blossoms are here. Since they are Valencia oranges, that's the Instagram filter I used. They smell wonderful.
  • It's springtime on the Santa Ana River Trail.
  • The orange blossoms are here. Since they are Valencia oranges, that's the Instagram filter I used. They smell wonderful.
  • We earned our burgers today. 14.6 miles very hilly round trip.
  • Suckers on the 405.
  • Dense fog...