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Beth Strickland

Beth Strickland

Emmaus, PA
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If you keep the furnace hot enough, it'll burn anything.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 230
  • 460
  • 690
  • 920
  • 1150
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 107.1mi
  • 5h 54m
  • 6,854ft

Recent Achievements

  • QOM on Down Hill Church Rd.
  • 4th overall on centennial rd
  • 4th overall on Centennial VO2 Test
  • 4th overall on Centennial Road


Distance 8,096.5mi
Time 501h 45m
Elevation Gain 432,024ft
Rides 255


Total Distance 50,173.6mi
Total Time 3178h 13m
Total Elev Gain 2,720,236ft
Total Rides 1530

Recent Photos

  • Just another boring Pennsylvania road I'm forced to ride.
  • Midride world-famous mocha by framebuilder extraordinaire @spectrumtomkellogg.
  • Great time riding with old and new friends in Virginia last week, but I'm always happy to be back on my Lehigh Valley roads.
  • The early break at #richmond2015  and @timjohnsoncx is pretty content with the heckler role.
  • Hi @bomtoonen. #richmond2015
  • "@iamtedking is in the break!(Who's Ben?)
  • Searching hard for a way out of the pain cave after last night's shenanigans.
  • Conquer the Cobbles midride refueling with the best. @ereederreadsanereader @abbylwatson and Kate. (Thanks Tim.) #richmond2015 @rapha_n_america
  • Power hour at @rapha_n_america pop-up with @timjohnsoncx, @slateolson, @simonmottramrapha @iamtedking @conniecarp
  • Only a matter of time until I ran into this guy. #wheresworthy #richmond2015
  • About 50 on today's @rapha_n_america ride from #richmond2015 pop-up. Join tomorrow: 8:30.
  • Custom-design Radler by @rapha_n_america. So good.
  • Out & back recon of men's Worlds ITT this morning. #richmond2015 #seenwhileriding
  • I think this every time I ride. #richmond2015
  • #richmond2015
  • As always, @rapha_n_america is on point. #capsnothats #richmond2015
  • Pinch me. #richmond2015
  • Precious cargo on today's ride. #babyonboard @b_hapfull
  • Rolling for doughnuts. #kapelmuurindependent
  • That'll do, pig. That'll do. #seenwhileriding
  • I've ridden past--and been intrigued by--the sign pointing down the rocky dirt lane for 20 years. Finally ventured to the plot today. #seenwhileriding
  • Drafting.
  • What else would @kateveronneau and @adroitdesigner be doing the morning of their wedding but going on a gorgeous bike ride with friends? In custom kit, obviously. #kake2015
  • 5 hours pre-ceremony. No wedding jitters here. #kake2015
  • Bride-to-be whipped by Howard's Lick. @kateveronneau
  • Convinced these two to come along for a wrap-up-summer wedding weekend. Two-mile climb on bike--success!
  • Because cobbles. #BikeT
  • It's not a ride until Steve has his chocolate milk. #kapelmuurindependent
  • Summer is slipping away too quickly.
  • That's more like it, summer.
  • It's been nearly 40 years since I spent grades K-6 here, but nothing has changed. The rusty swings, the broken-down teeter-totter and injury-causing metal slide remained untouched.
  • Ride and ride in Indiana. @soulcycling
  • Strange feeling being followed by a helicopter while riding. They could've at least dropped some food to me.
  • When you know you'll get caught in pouring rain, but you wear a white jersey anyway because that's pretty much how things are going these days.
  • Bike therapy: trees are good listeners.
  • Love these guys. #kapelmuurindependent #seeninemmaus @jimmycavalieri @chris.dig @spectrumtomkellogg
  • Two of Lehigh Valley's finest: @spectrumtomkellogg @sole_ales
  • After-ride ride. #dasawkschtfescht
  • Riding past a local park, @mikeyozell does a quick U-turn after spotting this kid with a backward-facing fork. All fixed up now. A true Ambassador for the sport,
  • More of us should have houses in trees. #seenwhileriding
  • Discovery of the day: Saucon Rail Trail now extends to #insidescoop
  • The storm brings peace and chaos. #seenwhileriding
  • Giant mushroom (acorn added for scale).
  • Beautiful day for Lehigh Valley #womens100 @rapha_n_america
  • Water stop on #womens100 Lehigh Valley @rapha_n_america
  • Alpacas! #womens100 @rapha_n_america
  • Apple slushies and whoopie pies on Mile 55 of #womens100 @rapha_n_america
  • Well-deserved beverages at @funkbrewing after 111km. Great day with these fun women. #womens100 @rapha_n_america
  • Final prep for tomorrow's @rapha_n_america Women's 100. Looking forward to a great day on the bike with cool chicks. #womens100
  • Ran into these fine gentlemen today. #kapelmuurindependent
  • These blokes aren't so bad. #kapelmuurindependent #afternoontea
  • Respite at Pappy's Orchard. @chris.dig #kapelmuurindependent
  • Clouds over cornfields. Sometimes PA feels so much like Indiana. #seenwhileriding
  • Entertaining sights along  Seed Farm ride.
  • Beautiful day riding Pennsylvania farmlands with these two today. #seedfarmride @spectrumtomkellogg @davejoachim
  • The Englishman and the tortoise. #seenwhileriding
  • The kid comes through: Matt Stone defeats hot-dog champ Joey Chestnut.
  • Another great 100+km day with Damian. The trick is to take him on unfamiliar roads, so he has no choice but to follow.
  • Brotherly love.
  • Damian getting his first ride on the new @feltbicycles track bike. @thevelodrome
  • A good Derby ends here. @funkbrewing
  • School's out for summer. #jumpfail
  • Lunch ride #flatergram since @elspeth_huyett isn't here to document.
  • No man left behind. #kapelmuurindependent
  • Damian ripped the legs off lunch ride today. Let's see how Derby goes now. Read his story here:
  • Waiting for a flat-tire change on lunch ride with special guest Rich from @houseindustries.
  • Flat tire #2 of lunch ride.
  • Mother's Day gift #1: Riding with @nnnataliennn.
  • Mother's Day gift #2: ice cream stop with @nnnataliennn.
  • Midride sticky buns, whoopie pies and pecan pie at Pappy's Orchard. #kapelmuurindependent
  • Speedy lunch ride today.
  • Yesterday, nearly took one out on the lawnmower. Today, my bike. If I didn't know better, I'd think the snappers were out to get me.
  • Glorious day for the Perkiomen.
  • Bikes, beer and barbecue. I love living here. #seeninemmaus
  • Great 80-mile day with fun group, giving back to World Bicycle Relief. Finishing with @funkbrewing refreshments.
  • Mile 60 rest stop. #llwh
  • Rest stop Mile 75.#llwh #haribo
  • Glorious and fun-filled day at #llwh: 103 miles, 8645 climbing feet. Tacos, haribo, butterscotch cookies and beer. Thanks @geronimok and @1tontomato for a stellar time playing on bikes.
  • They are so proud of their first haircuts of the spring.
  • Dough nuts. #kapelmuurindependent
  • Sector 4/17 #hellofhunterdon
  • Mile 57 refueling. #kapelmuurindependent #hellofhunterdon
  • Good Friday traffic. #kapelmuurindependent
  • Snowman accessories finally uncovered. November 27, 2014-April 2, 2015.
  • These two have been coming to our front pond since we moved to this house in 1999. I consider their arrival each year to signal spring. Finally.
  • Solid sock game by @rapha_n_america Ambassadors today.
  • My @rapha_n_america Ambassador group makes the smart choice.
  • Tools of the trade. @rapha_n_america
  • Sunny Austin sky, new Project One Silque from @trekbikes, colorful cows and 18 @rapha_n_america Ambassadors. No complaints on this day.
  • Pre-ride words of wisdom from the masterful Connie Carpenter @rapha_n_america summits
  • Luckenbach, TX..
  • Just another spring day ride in Pennsylvania. #kapelmuurindependent #raphaambassador
  • 39 degrees, thick fog, flooded roads and a soaking rain. But it's not snow. @rapha_n_america #hivis
  • Mission accomplished. Because, pie. #3.1415 #willrideforpie
  • First Wednesday Derby of 2015 draws a decent-size group to swim through hub-deep water and end with the sunset.
  • Sunday stop with great group. #kapelmuurindependent
  • Ride rewards. #kapelmuurindependent @funkbrewing @spectrumtomkellogg
  • Please make it stop.
  • This @ridecannondale has been quite the trooper through this week of record-breaking temps. Even today, at -7 degrees, when my ride group bailed, the #CAAD10 showed up ready to roll. #edchoice15
  • 22 degrees at ride time and we had to battle icy, snowy, slushy roads...but somehow the sun makes it all better. Another day testing for #edchoice15.
  • Why is my shadow faster than me?
  • So happy to have a @rapha hi-vis for rides like today.
  • Love our small-town theater.
  • Classics season is here. Keim Road post- (the Race Formerly Known as) Het Volk.
  • Snow doesn't seem so awful under bright blue skies. #kapelmuurindependent
  • The minute I stopped they all ran over to see my bike. I'm certain they wanted to race me today.
  • So lucky to have Biju and Jeff from @skratchlabs as our personal chefs this weekend.
  • Rolling on the PCH with Rapha Ambassadors. #womens100
  • On the road to Rapha Ambassador Day 1 TOC in Thousand Oaks. Here we go...
  • Ready to roll #raphaTOC
  • Today's hero. @krasniakjulie brings the bacon. #raphatoc
  • New Rapha Ambassador mascot . #raphatoc #raphawomen
  • Rolling through Thousand Oaks, Day 1 #raphatoc
  • Day 2 profile. #raphatoc
  • So happy and lucky to ride and climb with @abbylwatson @krasniakjulie @mmcyclist #raphatoc
  • Really happy today to finally get this "You are here" dot on the GPS. #raphatoc
  • Day 3 begins and @raelambo is already winning. #raphatoc
  • Tough mountaintop finish yesterday at #raphatoc. Was so happy to have @mmcyclist suffering alongside me on the 12- mile 35-degree climb in brutal sleet.
  • Day 4 rollout of #raphatoc on a pristine Santa Barbara morning.
  • Thanks for the macchiato love @handlebarcoffee before sending #raphatoc off on Day 4.
  • Yesterday, doughnuts. Today, strawberries. @the_wilcox knows how to motivate us to the finish. #raphatoc
  • Rolling out of Cambria...105 miles to Monterey today. #raphatoc
  • 15 miles into Day 5 of #raphatoc and already smiling. #elephantseals
  • Yes, we rode 103 miles today, but @abbylwatson still found time to keep followers up on the #raphatoc
  • Prepping for climbing 19-mile-long Mount Hamilton to kick off Day 6 of #raphatoc
  • Pros know that when there's an opportunity to nap, you take it. In this case atop Mount Hamilton. #raphatoc
  • Final day of #raphatoc starts and finishes at the state capital. 120 miles.
  • Jack has been out loyal companion every mile of the #raphatoc. Always ready to fetch or snuggle--whatever we need.
  • When your knee warmers fall out of your jersey, not only does your derailleur hanger snap off , but your warmers look like this. #raphatoc
  • If you're going to have a camera in your face 10 hours a day for a week, these are pretty great guys to have along.
  • So thoughtful of my friends to buy a truck big enough to just roll my bike in the back seat. Thanks, @b__ruth
  • I feel sorry for anyone that didn't get on a bicycle today. #kapelmuurindependent
  • Vintage Pennsylvania. I love riding here.
  • Chianti vineyards, olive trees and a beautiful @pinarelloofficial bike. This is how @ingambatours rolls.
  • Lunchtime in Lecchi @ingambatours.
  • Stop #1 of Great American Hotdog Ride: Pott's Dog Barn.
  • Stop #2 of Great American Hotdog Ride: Yocco's
  • Stop #3 of Great American Hotdog Ride: Wawa
  • "This is my competitive hotdog-eating kit," says Great American Hotdog Ride originator and leader @pflax1.
  • Stop #4 of Great American Hotdog Ride: Sittler Golf
  • Needed a chocolate malt to wash down hotdog #4.
  • Stop #5 of Great American Hotdog Ride: Spuds
  • @pflax1 goes big on hotdog #5
  • Stop #6 of Great American Hotdog Ride: Traub's Doggies
  • Scary that she actually WILL be driving in 4 months.
  • Midride stop for @neener29's first taste of #fryingdutchman goodness.
  • Ice cream before lunch? Yes. Continuing to introduce @neener29 to the finer aspects of Lehigh Valley living.
  • The morning after the party. #kapelmuurindependent
  • Saturday Shop Ride fuel.
  • Fall beer coming soon to @funkbrewing
  • Thanks @rapha_n_america for serving up a pristine day for #womens100.
  • #kapelmuurindependent supporter, spotted in the Musikfest crowd.
  • Musikfest must.
  • Excited to try the newest flavor of @skratchlabs on today's ride. Thanks @allenskratch for the surprise care package.
  • Okay.
  • Someone really needed to make the 5-hour trip to pick up her owner from a 3-week camp.
  • Look what Belgium sent us for today's lunch ride. #kapelmuurindependent
  • Great to have @kateveronneau back on the Emmaus ride (and post- ride) festivities.
  • These guys.
  • If you're going to show up at my house late for a ride, bringing this is a good way to ensure forgiveness. #longacres
  • Today's destination. #fryingdutchman
  • In today's mail. Thanks, @rapha_n_america for reminding me of this great day on a bike. #womens100
  • Rainy ride reprieve. #kapelmuurindependent
  • Peedo getting his mind right pre-race. #kapelmuurindependent
  • JWest riding strong in 35+ at #nittanycross. #kapelmuurindependent
  • Cyclists trump runners. Lil Jimmy leads the way in #nittanycross Little Belgians.
  • Barriers at #nittanycross. #kapelmuurindependent
  • @richbravo freshly shaved at #nittanycross, trying to trim seconds.
  • @adammyerson in the lead group with six laps to go in men's elite race. #nittanycross
  • Dirt = flat. Sometimes.
  • Pleasant surprise on our rainy 75-miler to end up on the course of the pro race today.
  • #hourrecord
  • Pennsylvania riding at its finest. #kapelmuurindependent
  • Penultimate day of summer
  • Bright blue sunny skies in late September pretty much guarantees an 80+ rider Derby.
  • First rule in East Coast winter riding: come prepared. Thanks, @madalchemy for getting me ready for battle.
  • Special guests on today's lunch ride: Jacob and Drew with a fleet of @boobicycles
  • Inside the @boobicycles bus.
  • Limited parking for lunch ride. #seeninemmaus
  • Found a turtle in my English muffin bag this morning.
  • So great to have the @rapha_n_america Cycle Club in town. Thanks for the espresso, @the_wilcox.
  • Midride stop for a tour at @spectrumtomkellogg with @the_wilcox. Thanks for the glorious mocha, TK.
  • Bonus for early-morning drive to Nat's school.
  • Crushed to discover that the spring-loaded duck and pony bouncers at Longacre's have been removed "because somebody might get hurt".
  • Who says pumpkins don't grow on trees?
  • Happy early birthday, @jimmycavalieri. #trashcan
  • It's that time. #winterriding
  • Reward for snowy ride to SMC.
  • What's a baby shower without Barolo?
  • I haven't been in the Christmas spirit this year. But this special delivery waiting on my porch certainly helps. Thanks  @soulcycling for your thoughtfulness.
  • Pouring rain for Day 1 of @rapha_n_america  #festive500. Luckily, I have friends along to provide comic relief. #seeninemmaus
  • Nothing but blue sky for day 4 of @rapha_n_america #festive500.
  • New Year's pre-ride.
  • Snowy CX fun with @b_hapfull today.
  • Forced inside today, but at least I've got CX Nationals live stream to ease the mind-numbing pain.
  • Icy roads and 20 degrees on today's ride, but rewarded with a magnificent snow geese sighting.
  • Snow fun with @b_hapfull. #babyonboard
  • Who needs bird feeders when you have a cat food dish?
  • Nice of Mother Nature to throw out a multitude of changing conditions for my test of the @ridecannondale CAA10 in today's edition of #edchoice15.