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Steve Lloyd

Steve Lloyd

San Francisco, California
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One foot, then the other. It's easy.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
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  • 400
  • 500
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 23.5mi
  • 3h 21m
  • 2,164ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Ritch Street
  • PR on Webster to Gough sprint
  • PR on Krazy Kahn Klimb
  • PR on 7th Street - Harrison to Market


Distance 1,389.1mi
Time 100h 13m
Elevation Gain 68,878ft
Rides 158


Total Distance 1,440.7mi
Total Time 106h 19m
Total Elev Gain 70,686ft
Total Rides 160

Recent Photos

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  • Found a lighthouse today after missing yesterday
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  • ❤️SF
  • Cole Valley from one of the sketchier urban trails I have run on
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  • That thing where I stop for photos because I'm tired #runcommute
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  • Friday!
  • Caption!
  • I like to think this is part of my job
  • This is not sunshine
  • There is nothing on my wrist
  • These are not running shoes?
  • #runcommute
  • Today's theme: #bridgeselfies
  • nice view
  • slloyd still riding a bike
  • slloyd riding a bike
  • So this is the new cruise ship terminal
  • Someone is not amused by the 6am start time
  • Current altitude: 452 ft
  • FYI: I brought water
  • Snack break at 3500 ft
  • Snack break at 6500 ft
  • Success! Crazy difficult route-finding through snow the last 1500 ft
  • Steep
  • Some people golf on vacation, some people run up hills
  • Palm canyon
  • Not a bad Friday commute. (8:54)
  • The best commute
  • You can't tell from my expression, but I am quite pleased to have not fallen off this bike yet #notrunning
  • Thank you @annalloyd1
  • Lunch radius has expanded
  • Just going for a neighborhood run
  • The End of Land
  • K and her hiking stick #nofilter
  • January can be so harsh
  • Sunrise from Slacker Hill #notaslacker
  • #oknowiamtired
  • Guess how my stomach feels right now?
  • Go Packers!
  • Night of the #caterpillar
  • It's blurry because I'm walking faster than you
  • Waiting for the bird to cook
  • I wonder if anyone has ever instagrammed this bridge
  • Not many latenight stair workouts tonight
  • Top Stops for Runners #youllneverbelievewhathappensatnumbertwo
  • All I ever dreamed about in life was a Corporate Challenge globe
  • California sucks don't come here
  • Made it to the top
  • #snacktime
  • #moonshoes
  • The rare race photo in which I do not have a crazy-terrible pain face
  • So many bouncy houses
  • I have no idea what any of this means
  • This is not running
  • What lies in Egg Harbor? Eggs.
  • Definitely wouldn't do this in the middle of a run
  • MINE
  • Top of Sutro with toddler
  • Twin peaks!
  • Windy up here
  • Mt Davidson
  • There's a @crosbeard in there somewhere #baytobreakers
  • Chickens on the roof #baytobreakers
  • Someone looks a bit warm #baytobreakers
  • I hope @johnwilde is ready for this. #runstagram
  • Clay i18n
  • So this street is a bit hilly
  • Helpful directions
  • The end.
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  • #runningoutofhashtags
  • Hello Kitty tomtom is a big hit #runstagram
  • Mostly taking a picture because I'm tired. Oh and the view. #runstagram
  • Even on the tough days, this is a pretty sweet commute. #runstagram
  • oh my #runstagram #nofilter
  • #runstagram #nofilter
  • Just your average Monday evening run #runstagram
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  • Kaia found the ocean #runstagram
  • #runstagram electric bills
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  • #runstagram #pierstagram
  • #runstagram #iamstrava
  • The other end of the island #runstagram
  • #runstagram
  • #runstagram
  • Hit the end of the island #runstagram
  • #runstagram
  • Holden beach pier #runstagram
  • Little bro has some pace! #runstagram
  • for science #runstagram
  • Happy birthday kiddo! #runstagram
  • #runstagram strollin' with kaia
  • Home in sight #runstagram
  • Top of marincello #runstagram
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  • dreary sunday #runstagram
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