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Mike Jacoubowsky

Mike Jacoubowsky

Redwood City, CA
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Partner, Chain Reaction Bicycles in Redwood City & Los Altos California. Raced back in the 70s. Still seeking out challenging new climbs. Have found nothing tougher than Sonora Pass. Ventoux isn't too far behind though. Look forward to riding the Stelvio some day.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 150
  • 300
  • 450
  • 600
  • 750
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 155.3mi
  • 10h 50m
  • 14,734ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Kings Mtn Rd descent (be careful)
  • PR on Tripp Road South
  • 2nd fastest time on West 84 Climb - West OLH to Skyline
  • 2nd fastest time on Kings Mtn Descent - Huddart to intersection


Distance 5,726.0mi
Time 414h 46m
Elevation Gain 520,876ft
Rides 437


Total Distance 46,779.8mi
Total Time 3233h 57m
Total Elev Gain 4,742,625ft
Total Rides 2094

Recent Photos

  • Kevin, on the right, enjoying first day on new bike.
  • This cassette *doesn't* go to 11 anymore! Busted cog climbing up from LaHonda duck pond.
  • Just another beautiful morning on West Old LaHonda
  • Classic view from West OldLaHonda
  • Hate it when that happens
  • Pretty sky riding home from work.
  • oak tree
  • My date with Mr Mustard
  • #cookiefacetest
  • Turkeys on Mount Hamilton road. Of course most hid by the time I could get a picture...
  • Heading back the way we came. Livermore maybe some other day.
  • Good ride
  • Either it's REALLY fresh or has so many preservatives it's a self-embalming aid.
  • Today it's not the miles; it's the quality of those miles.
  • Any day you can see your shadow is a good day to ride!
  • Hate flats
  • #cookiefacetest Passes the test
  • #bikecommute
  • Another beautiful morning on West Old LaHonda #whyweride
  • Creative signage for our sale!
  • Mmmmm coffee....
  • Cookie face test. Borderline.
  • Health food on the way up Alpe D'Huez
  • Tuba and playing Kashmereat TDF
  • You live for this when on a hot climb.
  • Looks unreal
  • Scariest place I've ever been
  • The last of the peloton winds up the last of the Lacets climb.
  • You NEVER get used to the poor way the ASO treats cyclists. They shut down Glandon 6 hours before the race, and now hold us for 45 minutes after last rider finished before allowing us down.
  • Star Trek a voyager fans will appreciate this memorial
  • Aptly-named pass!
  • At the foot of the Gorges du Nan. Pretty amazing place. Not so easy getting there on a hot day though!
  • Eau complimentary avec glacé! Enroute to final climb on stage ending in Gap.
  • Typical bar scene at TdF summit
  • Place de depot de bois de Petit Vache. Because any cow that made it up this far must be pretty darned lean!
  • Back to basics (the commute home)
  • #sunflower
  • If the house on the hill has a million dollar view, what does that say about my bike? I get dozens of million-dollar views every ride!
  • I *AM* the weakest link. Good bye!
  • #duckpond
  • #sunflower
  • Enjoying the view
  • Some enjoy the ride to the top. Not the guy on the left who appears to be using a transporter beam.
  • Escape the heat at the coast!
  • The mini waterfall on Tunitas.
  • Best cyclist-friendly place to eat in the world? #pescaderobakery
  • Last week winter, today it's summer. What happened to spring? #longwinter
  • This is cool
  • It's tradition. We rode our bikes to check out a dog (6 years ago, Jack our psycho Corgi) so now we're at the humane society checking out cats.
  • House with what, 6 million dollar view of SFO?
  • Becky on her way to new PR on commute home!
  • #sunflowers
  • Hate flats. This one was Becky's.
  • #crsodastop Mike F from Redwood City Chain Reaction making sure someone's bike finishes the ride
  • #crsodastop Ice cold drinks to all riders courtesy of Chain Reaction Bicycles
  • #crsodastop
  • Definitely getting closer to Tour de France! #sunflowers #tourdefrance
  • #summitcoffee A bike ride without coffee isn't really a bike ride.
  • An unlikely place for me to be #waterdoglake
  • #waterdoglake
  • So pretty, but hopefully kept the relationship at a distance #waterdoglake
  • #daytimelighting #Thunderbolt and #FlareR
  • Messy morning on Skyline
  • #cookiefacetest
  • #woodbicycle Really! ironic that it's next to the recycle bin...
  • A bridge too far for Kevin today; the Bridge of Death on West Alpine marked his undoing on today's ride.
  • Freddie & Flossie #corgis
  • Run over before we could get to him
  • #sunflowers The Tour de France is coming!
  • #cookiefacetest
  • #corgis
  • Great coffee!!! Makes trips to Kaiser tolerable.
  • The Good Life
  • 65 mile shopping trip to pick up new camera.
  • Out of the fog, into more fog. #summeriscoming
  • Not looking forward to the day whose high point will be passing the time reading a newspaper at the coffee shop. Don't think it has to be that way. #stayactive
  • See that fog up on Skyline? Did a drivetrain clean yesterday. After this morning's ride, it needs another. Grrrr.
  • Summer's coming
  • LaHonda duck pond
  • Once-proud Mastadon fallen in the field.
  • Worth the headwind!
  • Last remnants of Machine Gun Man's metal sculpture falling into disrepair. Rust never sleeps. (Rusting remnants of mechanical bird in tree).
  • Headin' up the hill with Becky
  • Top of West Old LaHonda
  • Proof Halo sweatbands do work. Evidence they should be washed once in a while.
  • Mid-ride post-seizure Tylenol stop. Unplanned after a torrid first half of the climb came to a sudden halt.
  • Cookie test. Doesn't quite cover the face.
  • Front, side and rear daytime visibility. Didn't realize new Bontrager Flare rear light was so visible from the side. Good thing, that!
  • Hard ride, we earned it this time.
  • Bring in' home the bacon. Er, pastries. Just as healthy I'm sure. Tour de France caravan "backpack" comes in handy!
  • Not approved by Karl. But Keith says it's ok and Keith is faster!
  • KK & Keith at top of Kings
  • Coffee stop on Easter ride with Becky
  • Nicer day than forecast
  • 64-bike garage (16 bikes in one car space)
  • Becky says this is why you need a saddle with a cut-out
  • Heading home after work
  • All those perfect days had to come to an end...
  • Peacock on Stage
  • Barely passes cookie facetest. But after Kevin's 18:59 up Old LaHonda he's still happy.
  • Mastodon down, Triceratops looking on sadly.
  • West Alpine sporting a Flanders flag!
  • The usual
  • Riding home with Becky at night (laser light show on the ground)
  • Testing to see if the surface walkable
  • Getting cool up here
  • What? On Towne Fire Road
  • Heading through bottom of Portola State Park en route to Old Haul Road
  • Missing anything?
  • Breakfast at Alice's Restaurant
  • Really, we don't ride to eat. #ridetoeat
  • #cookiefacetest
  • Always stop for Corgis!
  • Coffee and bikes. Made for each other.
  • Trek-approved donuts
  • Clear coast, foggy bayside
  • Does not pass the test (doesn't cover the face)
  • Sometimes coffee is the only answer
  • Now THAT's a cookie!
  • Stage Road up to Highway 1
  • Lizard Day. Means winter's over.
  • Almost best time home for Becky!
  • Any day with strong shadows is a good day!
  • What happens after the customers have left the bike shop. Cute Corgi YouTube vids.
  • Camera did not pick up steam coming off the helmets. Darn.
  • I don't get the attraction. Guys showing off expensive cars in Woodside. Kevin's paint job on his bike put these cars to shame.
  • Can't pass up cookies!
  • Had to stop for this picture; winter gloves and Instagram don't play well together.
  • Maybe I should wash that headband
  • That shadow looks like there's a new larger wheel size for road bikes, not just mountain bikes!
  • Just another beautiful day in Northern California.
  • Foggy but beautiful
  • How NOT to lock up a bike!
  • Bringing home the bacon. Literally. Pork burrito counts, right?
  • #Corgis!
  • Northern California "winter"
  • The many faces of West Old LaHonda
  • #CloverdaleRoad
  • Mandatory duck pond picture #LaHondaDuckPond
  • The coast is clear
  • The tree of many signs
  • No hills for a while
  • #DavenportCafe Long wait but worth it.
  • Road closed? Where we're going, we don't need roads. Thankfully highway 9 remains bike-able
  • #DoTheDew
  • Making tracks
  • It's either a fast 6 miles or a slow march of death depending on your legs
  • Highway 9 just before Waterman Gap
  • #MrMustard is back!
  • At least we EARNED the view!!!
  • The home stretch. Skyline & Page Mill/W Alpine
  • Tried for an ocean view but too many cars and too much speed.
  • Last unbroken Simplex front dérailleur known to man. #simplex if you even look at one of these wrong, the plastic breaks.
  • Beautiful day for a seizure
  • Rare photo of me on the Tuesday/Thursday ride,taken by George (who later crashed descending 84)
  • Starting out
  • "Super" Natural? I know less about coffee (or life in general) than I thought!
  • Pescadero Bakery near-fail; doesn't quite pass the "cover your face" test.