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Ryan Knapp

Ryan Knapp

Bloomington, IN
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Ryan Knapp is a cyclist from Bloomington, IN. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 240
  • 480
  • 720
  • 960
  • 1200
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 493.9mi
  • 26h 13m
  • 20,459ft

Recent Achievements

  • 2nd overall on Bethel East to West
  • 2nd overall on Forest Loop Counter Clockwise
  • 5th overall on Y.W. Lake to 46 via Jackson Creek
  • 6th overall on Gravel secton of Farr Rd.


Distance 7,914.1mi
Time 437h 35m
Elevation Gain 421,083ft
Rides 205


Total Distance 41,393.1mi
Total Time 2277h 3m
Total Elev Gain 2,109,288ft
Total Rides 1085

Recent Photos

  • Duh.
  • Getting amongst the Chinese culture.
  • Just a casual trip to my local monastery.
  • Pretty excited to share the first nice day of the year with my cool-ass dad.
  • Training at nigh doesn't scare me. That much. #whatwasthat #anybodyoutthere
  • What up, LC?! Call me.
  • It was a bit easier to find the motivation for a pre-race spin today.
  • If the leaves change, and you didn't Instagram it, did it actually happen?
  • Barrier options. #tapingprobz @runzmd @betyoumitchme
  • A huge thank you to Mike Heenan and the Rapha Focus crew for taking of me, and Steven Wilkes for the mechanic duties this weekend!
  • A huge thank you to Steven Wilkes, Mike Heenan and the Rapha-Focus crew for taking care of me this weekend in STL!
  • Hilly Hundred so hard.
  • The start to a 5.5 mile gravel climb.
  • Just a few of the switchbacks on my amazing bike ride today.
  • Although he's a bit shy, my pint sized turtle friend really likes my new Sram Red 22 HRR.
  • Just super-casually practicing some cyclocross moves in the middle of Pennsylvania. Nbd.
  • 3rd today at Nittany Lion CX to Todd Wells and Wes Schempf.
  • First ever bicycle ride in a pair of black shoes. They're growin' on me!
  • So much room for activities.
  • First water stop with @cuberti.
  • Mental recovery day.
  • Course recon. There's a hill, you guys.
  • Daily storms are good for them leafy greens!
  • And you guys think bike racing in the rain is bad... How about MotoGP?! #ouch
  • So Midwest.
  • Look ma', no Quarq! Freed from a life of number munching!
  • Atwell has an intimate moment with his popsicle outside the gas station after 100 miles of racing at #NVGP.
  • Them new kicks. #toinfinityandbeyond
  • Another new top secret riding spot!
  • Out for a quick spin to shake the drive out of our legs.
  • What do you do when you've got two flat tires and one spare tube? #eatyourfeelings
  • Hands down the best stretch of road I've found in Indiana. It was surreal.
  • Bailey is checking our blind spot.
  • Oladipo just blew my mind with a 360. I heart you, Vic!
  • "Let's get some shoes"
  • Lunch break in Marshall, NC
  • Continued photo dump from our rejection on Mt. Mitchell today.
  • Um... Somewhere near 5500 ft on the Parkway.
  • Conditions deteriorating near Mt. Mitchell.
  • Blue Ridge Parkway
  • Found some dirt climbs.
  • "Don't act like you're not impressed..."
  • My new tiny pony.
  • @bikesBC @cuberti
  • Athens dirt roads!
  • New "hunting" hat. #sorryfortheselfie
  • Used the small gravel roads as shelter from the cold wind. It worked.
  • Found on my ride today. A good omen for Worlds this weekend.
  • Bare-legged bicycling in November is bodacious.
  • Bob' Red Mill pancakes... w/ M&M's. Health food, baby!
  • Deam Wilderness.
  • Story.
  • Story, IN
  • Foggy bike ride
  • Drip.
  • Forest.
  • Found a hillbilly sword on the side of the road during my ride... FYI, it's a Smith & Wesson #indiana
  • Hey @jacobfetty...
  • Really roughin' it here at @panthercycling training camp
  • New toys await!
  • Some BMC poser infiltrated our ride today.
  • George
  • Of course I did not put Baby Oil on my legs for this glorious leap year day ride...
  • New PR for best turtle save!
  • #swag
  • I went hunting for Easter Eggs in the woods on my new mountain bike. Found lots.
  • Mayonnaise colored Benz, I push Miracle Whips.
  • Back to back days on the trails. It is so choice. If you have the means, I'd highly recommend it.
  • Just finished gluing my tires for the Battenkill UCI this weekend. Give me Tan-Wall's or give me death.
  • Unbelievable host house here in NY. Built in 1859, and it's like a museum inside! Huge photos drop to follow.
  • Race ready.
  • Notes.
  • Race face.
  • Belgian Tan
  • @RyanAit trying out the Little 5 track. Try not to be too jealous, @KirkAlbers...
  • We hold the truths to be self-evident...
  • Machines of war...
  • Climbed the most remote gravel road to get to this spot. So remote that I made up a song about bears and mtn lions to alert them of my presence... #aintskeered #maybealittle
  • @sklontz 13 -10
  • Gettin' my knowledge up.
  • Crotalus horridus horridus: my official nemesis.
  • Heaven.
  • I'd do anything.
  • Full zoom, but it's all right there.
  • Me and @masherer shredding the gnar. Just like old times!
  • Saved this cookie for the top of the Muur van Nashville. 'Bout that time, eh, chaps?
  • Chartier leading "Edge of Time" near Estes Park. Mind blowing.
  • Formerly Griffey Lake.
  • I win.
  • We make the secret trainings.
  • Awesome package from @PonyShop! Just in time to kick off the cx season this weekend!
  • Got myself lost exploring on the bike today. There are worse places to be lost.
  • Thissssss freakin' guy.
  • OMG, you guys! The leaves, they're changing!
  • A little photo from @katemcdoug of my dad and I knocking out day 1 of the Hilly Hundred.
  • I get singles tucked into my shorts on the weekend...
  • Ich habe es gern.
  • Enjoying a nice 50* December day with my domestiques.
  • As usual, nice to catch up with @GuyEast for a few hours today!
  • Once you're out the door, it's pretty amazing!
  • Burning a few mental matches this week...
  • Oh, you know, just warming up for the bike race...
  • Did a little off-road road biking. My favorite thing.
  • Picked up a little light reading.
  • Camo-cat, napping in my jacket...