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Sabine Dukes

Sabine Dukes

Santa Cruz, California
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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 50
  • 100
  • 150
  • 200
  • 250
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 7.7mi
  • 1h 4m
  • 648ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Emma McCrary - Up and Back Down
  • 2nd fastest time on EMT - Golf Club Dr DH


Distance 572.3mi
Time 96h 28m
Elevation Gain 50,666ft
Rides 43


Total Distance 5,398.9mi
Total Time 1094h 21m
Total Elev Gain 547,940ft
Total Rides 381

Recent Photos

  • Sunny or glassy, pick one. I guess today we chose glassy. #spooky
  • @playaworks Stashing her camera or striking a pose?
  • No cement trash cans this time.
  • Its paddlin season...
  • Today was totally summertime. #girlswhoshred #wearejuliana
  • Yeah. I'd say so.
  • First paddle in a long while. Felt good to be out there and the water is so clear its almost scary. #dontwanttosee
  • Yay! The Arana Gulch path is finally open. No more having to commute along deadly Soquel. It only tool like a bajillion years but glad to finally see it happen.
  • Ft Ord was totally showing off today.
  • Want to burn off that pie? Ride with these 3 former pros for a "slow" ride. #nationalchampions #ilovepie
  • If you go into the woods today.
  • Gio drops a shoulder on Kenny. It didn't end well.
  • Quick paddle together before these three do their Monterey Bay crossing next week.
  • Post rain Roubion. #wearejuliana
  • Arrr! Brian getting all pirate as he trains for his Monterey Bay Crossing
  • Levitating at Blair Witch
  • Its a mile buoy kinda morning
  • Got to paddle with Kelly today. No whales though. Just good old Sponge Bob.
  • Brian brought some Euro home with him.
  • Another successful whale watching paddle!
  • Brian getting some airtime at Kronplatz.
  • The descent to Festa from Monte Baldo. Sigh.
  • Another day, another stunning view in the Dolomites.
  • I have no words for how awesome this ride was.
  • Forest magic light stuff.
  • We practically had the woods all to ourselves today.
  • This tree in the lot at Emma was on fire. But then things always look more colorful after an awesome mtb ride.
  • Brian's worst nightmare.
  • Always pass by and admire this meadow while riding Emma. Finally stopped to grab a phone pic of it.
  • Pelican pit stop.
  • STOP and notice how awesome everything is too.
  • Post ride jazz hand selfie.
  • Meadowliscious.
  • Bubbles. So scary.
  • Paying homage on Blair Witch
  • Surf and turf
  • Finally made it to Discretion. Now on to the important job of judging some beers.
  • Trying their saison. I'm picky.  If you serve it to me in a frosty cold glass you already lose points.  #beersnob #eurotrash
  • Carmel candy
  • Yay! I found sun!
  • Whales in the morning, redwoods in the afternoon. #paradise
  • Love love love riding my bike.
  • Purty.
  • Kenny says "what?" #emma
  • Emma
  • Keeping away from the labor day weekend crowds. But who could blame them? #ilovesantacruz
  • Bees, thistle, and thistle snow. #offthebeatenpath
  • Fishing OK!  Salmon fishing for kids only on even days. #santacruzlife #salmonyumyum
  • Coming down Little Sandy on 30 millimeters of tire is way more fun than should be allowed. #Steelman #happytrails
  • Old friends
  • I love campus and my bike.
  • Brian's wondering who put the mountain in mountain biking.
  • Through the redwood looking glass
  • Escaping the beach crowds and getting some trail love.
  • Guess which is mine? As if.
  • Escaping the heat
  • Its not so bad riding a road bike when you are on roads like this.
  • Ooweee its hot back here
  • As close as I will come to a selfie. No fish lips.
  • Grass, redwoods, hills, beach, ocean, hills.
  • Harbor seals doing their thing. Which is really a lot of nothing.
  • Beach day
  • Ahhhh...
  • How to ride a hot nooner
  • Love my outdoor shower. Love. Love.
  • Rose o rama
  • Our backyard exploded while we were gone. So nice to come home to.
  • Blues.
  • Seeing these while surfing is a lot more magical
  • More fluffy clouds
  • Happy to be at the top
  • Jump jam at the Post Office
  • Friday! Loading up the bike for happy hour
  • Smells like springtime
  • On my way home
  • Grocery shopping with the surf bike.
  • Westside
  • Classic Lane
  • Middle Peak doing its thing
  • Picture time
  • Cruise
  • Verve powered
  • Wilder ranch poppies
  • Fog is burning off.  Yay
  • Here comes da fog
  • Mike and his Calfee
  • Redwood rockfish.
  • Old dogs
  • Blue Barn