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David Lorsch

David Lorsch

Belvedere Tiburon, California
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Responsible for strategery and such at Strava; runnner; cyclist; triathlete

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 110
  • 220
  • 330
  • 440
  • 550
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 101.3mi
  • 7h 30m
  • 3,072ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Pete's pre-game
  • PR on SFD - Platform Bridge to White's Hill Summit
  • 2nd fastest time on Brannan Street Hill
  • 2nd fastest time on AT&T Park to Bay Bridge and back


Distance 2,876.4mi
Time 180h 45m
Elevation Gain 169,764ft
Rides 127


Total Distance 19,824.0mi
Total Time 1235h 51m
Total Elev Gain 1,113,051ft
Total Rides 852

Recent Photos

  • There's always a race going down in Kona.
  • Donner Pass
  • Americana.
  • Hay day is neigh
  • ToC winner Trixi Worrack
  • Art.
  • #tourofcalifornia #strava
  • What is this? A CENTER FOR ANTS!
  • Good advice from our state park service. Don't corner a rattlesnake.
  • Spring forward.
  • So Rapha...
  • New coffee shop at 4 Corners.
  • A great day. The coke machine is back at the East Peak. Please plug it in ASAP.
  • #moreoffseason
  • #offseason
  • Just been informed that POC stands for Piece of Cake. Huh.
  • My boat is bigger is bigger than yours ...
  • Empty bridge.
  • Bridgeddon was non-event.
  • They have Popeye
  • Impressive mail box replica of its house.
  • #bonsai!
  • What every SUPer needs.
  • Appropriately, all my Strava matched run loops go by here. #strava #proveit #matchedruns
  • Shaw, post donut(s)
  • Donut. One of them.
  • Wish I owned this place...
  • Early Tahoe snow.
  • Snowball delivery.
  • Magic.
  • Free advertising.
  • Snow swimming
  • The calm after the storm...
  • Everything left is XXXL
  • McCovey cove stacked up early.
  • Hey ESPN anchor, stop texting and broadcasting
  • Look out all you SF hipsters. Maverick and Goose are coming to town.
  • This guy looked even thirstier than I was.
  • Feeling like one of these guys...
  • Not feeling like this guy...
  • That is a big rock.
  • Impressive Frank Lloyd Wright designed this whole building just for that movie Gattaca...
  • Matt Gordon Cameo
  • Poor babies
  • No idea who this "Flash" was...
  • The house that the seat belt empire built
  • Jordan/Batman's utility belt
  • Real time feedback
  • # cycle cross segment
  • Turn left. Now.
  • Weird stufff afoot behind HQ again
  • Appropriately named. ????
  • These friendly gentleman offered me both beer and vodka at a water fountain. Only in MA...
  • Best donuts on earth. #downyflake
  • I could have used some at this point in the ride
  • Perfect day for swimming in the bay off Paradise beach
  • Stay loose.
  • Too bad it was locked.
  • Axel: let's go people
  • Reed!
  • What Wiggo's view looks like always
  • Look out for the truck behind you!
  • Free post run ice bath
  • Lost at sea
  • Miwok 100kers. Mile 29. Larissa probably already eating lunch at finish.
  • It's really nice he's holding his daughters hand, but seriously, who wears a top hat these days?
  • Much better than Bovine and tables are correct Pantone
  • Free ice bath
  • Jordan will not vote in favor of this bill
  • Need milk.
  • Electronic shifting on a Shinola?
  • Get out of my way, turkey. #badbikingjokes
  • Ok but you could ask more politely.
  • Hello, friendly neighbors dog. Thank you for welcoming me home.
  • Last interval
  • Polar Bears
  • Fortunately no on mistook me for DC Rainmaker.
  • I wish...
  • Good thing I've been watching Survivorman reruns.
  • As in zero people.
  • Stinson. Empty.
  • We are seriously about to run out of drinking water in Marin.
  • Tiburon Half. O Club in the lead at mile 2. Bill vs. Matt. Who won?
  • Double Brick. Done.